January, 2021


Staring at the TV in a daze,
Celebrating in more subdued ways.
For some it’s quite clear
The Real New Year
Begins in just 19 more days.


When Donald said “Turn off the dough”,
Both houses told him where to go.
You may think they’re neato
Overriding his veto
But Defense will not stand for a “No”.


Baseless claims without evidence.
A lawsuit dismissed against Pence
But still, scream some guys,
Wednesday’s gonna be pretty intense.


It’s Sunday and the president is calling
To beg and flatter, threaten and coerce,
To add another chapter to the verse.
Response from his supporters mostly galling.

The tainted ballot tales are mushrooming.
Some players get particularly vocal,
With armed and angry crowds to make it local.
Season finale episode is looming.

A man, recorded, asked to find some votes.
A view of things. A view of things, denied
And knowing which among them both has lied
And what one’s blind acceptance here connotes.

What will he say in Georgia later on.
What will he say when he is finally gone.


When Trump went to Dalton GA,
We knew what the guy’d have to say.
There’s no way he lost,
He don’t care the cost,
And he don’t plan on going away.


The ballot count trickles along.
In DC, a gathering throng.
The feelings are strong,
But what’s really wrong
Is what’s going on in Hong Kong.


a call to arms, a march to stop the steal,
and then what Rudy calls “trial by combat”
disrupts the House & Senate’s sacred format.
a terrorist in Mitch’s seat. surreal.

a coup attempt results in people dying
a nation holds its breath, a world observes
a demagogue makes clear just who he serves
followed by governmental speechifying.

unlucky us with thirteen days to go
the 25th amendment in our dreams
unfit to lead, too sick to leave, it seems
what some of us knew all along, you know

four years, McConnell bowed to Trump’s authority
and for his efforts, lost senate majority


His calling for calm? I don’t buy it.
Impeachment? I think we should try it.
He was cheering them on.
He deserves to be gone.
That asshole incited a riot!


The recap, score, and stinging aftermath
With Breaking News and much analysis
We try to figure what fresh hell is this.
The soul of our sad country needs a bath.

Now slowly there are names to match the faces.
Who let them pass. Who sadly had to pay
The price for keeping nihilists at bay,
And who bore witness from safe hiding places.

Know that some do not come to Stop The Steal
Not Left or Right, their goal is to destroy
A cause to gather stands as but a ploy
In chaos and collapse lies their appeal.

As balance, a lone Congressman brings grace
And kneels in silence, cleaning up the place.


As riot replaces debate,
He’s Making America Hate.
We’ll burst at the seams
Being pushed to extremes
With others deciding our fate.


So Trump and Parler got rejection.
Despite First Amendment protection.
I hate to be rude
Free Speech don’t include
Inciting a damned insurrection.


A guy in the Senate named Hawley
Engaged in political folly.
He made Mitch lose face
Standing tall with Trump’s base,
And lost his book deal, by golly.


With all the charges made about vote stealing,
And every one of them tossed from the court,
To watch our Senate turned into a fort,
Don’t bother coming ‘round with talk of healing.

Insurgents set our Capitol a-reeling
With such grandstanding not to certify
And now it’s said some seek to unify.
I’m sorry, this is not the time for healing.

The Trumpers say “fuck you and how you’re feeling”
They speak of lynching with perverted glee
Their view of freedom not including me
Their battleground permits no space for healing.

So now I gladly set aside my rhyme
To watch their boy impeached a second time.


That small-handed lying-ass boaster
Got a double-impeachment spit-roaster.
He was hoping for
His face on Rushmore
But may end up on a WANTED poster.


His lawsuits got stuck at the gate,
But Donald still says Rudy’s great!
Expenses and fees?
20 grand a day, please?
For that part, he’ll just have to wait.


Slow-motion endless wait, four days to go.
So many jumping ship, tho tempos vary
The ones still sticking ‘round are kinda scary.
His final days spent clearing out Death Row.

Before post-presidential life begins.
And creditors and lawyers have their way
The title and the job not holding sway
Perhaps the time to answer for one’s sins.

And what awaits the next to take command
A leaky ship adrift on stormy seas,
A bevy of land mines and vacancies,
Armed patriots who want to lend a hand.

But still we find that little bit of heaven.
The NRA goes for Chapter 11.


All whipped into action they’d go,
Prepared for a violent show.
A riled up mob
Just doin’ their job.
Their president said it was so.


In wrapping up these four long years of Hell,
Events and characters beyond belief
We see uncertain glimmers of relief
As we bid some a not-so-fond farewell.

Kushner – effete and condescending fool.
The elder Brothers Trump – Butthead & Beavis.
Their sister – Nepotism Barbie – leave us.
And mom, the soft-core, mail-order jewel.

Goodbye to Giuliani’s leaking head.
Good riddance to that creepy Stephen Miller.
DeJoy, the failed mailed ballot killer.
And Barr, who left but cashed in all his cred.

So long Hope Hicks, Mulvaney and DeVos.
The ever poised & truthful McEnany.
Throw all his aides and staff out on their fanny,
And best of all on Wednesday, toss the boss.

Fade out on Limbaugh, Carlson & Hannity,
Fade in a smooth transition into sanity.


One more day and we’ll be free
From his reign of misery.
No more tweets & no more crooks,
No more Donald’s pouty looks.

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