February, 2019

Today is the First, and it’s clear
That Black History Month is now here.
A rich legacy
That happens to be
In the shortest month of the year.


A nuclear pact pull-out’s looming.
Trump & Putin have peace-niks all fuming.
The arms race is on!
In a flash, we’ll be gone!
Who cares? The Defense sector’s booming!

Though clever commercials delay it,
The Super Bowl’s here. Hip-Hooray it.
Our president scoffed
That the game’s become soft.
Still, he wouldn’t want Barron to play it.


“Executive Time” is a clever
Way of saying “A schedule?Never!”
Watching TV and tweeting.
An occasional meeting.
The most productive President ever!

The State of The Union’s tonight.
Time for Trump to make everything right
For border hysteria
And chaos in Syria
And folks who are rich, male and white.


A lengthy speech marked by uneven tone
Highlighting presidential contradictions
And filled with his abundant trademark fictions
About that lawless southern border zone.

His TelePrompTer called for compromise,
So dangling hopes of “peace and legislation”
He blasted partisan investigation
That seeks the truth that lies beneath the lies.

While Democratic women, wearing white
Took time to loudly celebrate their presence
A grimace barely masked Pence’s unpleasance
These new recruits have just begun to fight.

With mem’ries of that shutdown hard to swallow,
Trump’s call for greatness sadly rang out hollow.


Oh, Virginia. What more can I say.
You’re sure in the headlines today.
Your three at the top,
And a Nazi ex-cop…
This behavior is just not O.K.


The Enquirer – A Crown Jewel of The Press
With photos of Jeff Bezos’ naughty bits
Attempted to cause him blackmailed fits
But Bezos turned the log to show the mess.

Not mum on Pecker’s Saudi dealings,
Relentless coverage on Kashoggi’s killing,
The WaPo showed that it was more than willing
To take on threats of sleazy tabloid squealings.

Our President, though, not above the fray,
Enjoyed his ally’s pledge to “catch & kill”
While yet extorting Bezos for the thrill
One wonders – what would Walter Cronkite say?

The threats extend to Ronan Farrow too.
They said “stop digging or we’ll ruin you”.


There once was an acting AG
Who had an odd job history
At his hearing, he stalled,
Sweat a lot and stonewalled,
Then off to Trump Tower did flee.


Take a moment and look at the bump
In the millions of dollars to pump
By committees and lobbies
Who make it their hobbies
To stay in hotels owned by Trump.


A U.S. plane loaded with gun
Flew to Venezuela, not for fun.
It was sent on a mission
To arm opposition
‘Cause our country did not like who won.


With a much smaller number selected,
A solution to shutdown’s detected.
Perhaps it was wise
To seek compromise
If one might like to get re-elected.


How far the once-mighty can fall.
El Chapo is guilty of all.
He’d run drugs and kill
Now Ted Cruz has a bill
To get him to pay for the wall.

A Trump pal named Paul Manafort
Made the error of lying in court.
The judge said she feels
This voided his deals,
And may add more years just for sport.


A power grab while we all slept.
His bound’ries now far over-stepped.
The border’s no urgency.
Our real emergency
Is 22 trillion of debt.


Of foreign foe there’s no on-rushing flood
No migrant hordes through non- existent gates
These lies are fanning fears and fueling hates
Our threats are summer fire and winter mud.

Our danger’s not the savage at our border
But folks who look like us with mortal rage
Not frightened brown-skinned children in a cage
But some disgruntled white guy weapons-hoarder.

Our greater threat’s not strangers come to kill
Or take the jobs we’ve all lost to robotics
But overdosing on legal narcotics,
And lack of good insurance when we’re ill.

It’s all in what emergency you choose
Dictated by your keepers at FOX News.


To think of our agents repels me.
To hang with dictators propels me.
It just makes more sense
That intelligence
Is whatever Vladimir tells me.


Seen through Donald’s political prism,
Our country is plagued by a schism.
He’s leading the fight
To champion the right
To the left of him’s all Socialism.


It’s early now, but still there are debates
Among the 2020 candidates
Each day, the Democrats expand the field
With hats in ring, what will the future yield.

There’s Amy Klobuchar from Minnesoter.
A hard-ass boss with rampant staff turnover
And Bernie’s back, though last time things went rough
He’ll get the votes from folks who want free stuff.

Liz Warren takes on privileged elite
But can a person win without Wall Street.
Kamala and her prosecutor’s reasoning,
Politically might need a bit more seasoning

The Senator from Newark, Corey Booker
Walked back from his PAC money pressure cooker,
But Tulsi Gabbard might have done a bad
By meeting up with Bashar al-Assad.

More names come as this list of runners grows,
Like John Delaney, who no one really knows…


The judge in his sights wants to know
Are there limits to how low he’d go.
If it’s not what he meant,
What WAS his intent.
Roger Stone is one crazy mofo.


A white Coast Guard racist has said
That he longs to make innocents dead.
With weapons stockpiled,
His story, quite wild.
CNN gave us Jussie instead.


The Green Deal Feinstein is eschewing
While our planet is in for a screwing.
A battle for power
As we near Zero Hour.
Don’t worry. She knows what she’s doing.


Mark Harris may just take a beating
In his quest for Congressional seating.
This preacher for God
Got tied up in fraud
And just could not win without cheating.


The melting glacier and dying barrier reef,
The freeze and fire of seasonal extremes
Each day a new catastrophe it seems
As those in charge place profit over grief.

Our carbon footprint scars are everywhere
As frack and soot expel beyond compliance
When one has faith, who has a need for science
Why worry when Big Daddy will take care.

Our leader scoffs at studied bleak assessments
He’ll make a new committee of his own
Of doubters and deniers out on loan
From companies protecting their investments.

This Green New Deal’s quite expensive, tho
The world can not afford the status quo.


The Congress will vote disapproval.
For his wall, he should get not a ruble.
Then Cohen testifies
And we’ll hear wheres and whys
That might bring about his removal.


“A racist. A con man. A cheat”.
This sums up our leader, complete.
Today, a bit later,
He’ll sit with dictator
Kim Jong Un for a nice Meet ‘n’ Greet.


Only four men know just what was said.
Translators, and each country’s head.
Trump told us all why
(Why on earth would he lie)
But it looks like a deal is dead.

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