June, 2018

Despite the man’s past guilty plea,
Donald Trump lets D’Souza go free.
A conspiracy peddler,
And e-lection meddler,
Twists his facts with a demonic glee.

This pardon comes as no surprise.
It’s the “justice” one’s loyalty buys.
Since his Left is pure fiction,
Written just to cause friction,
His reward’s for distortion and lies.

So the Summit is back on the rails.
Ah, such back-channel moves this entails.
Tho things appear better,
Could Trump read Kim’s letter?
And what are the odds that he bails.

The poverty that plagues our once great nation,
Far bleaker for the Working Poor who fear it,
A deeper, darker poverty of spirit.
Imbued within the cult of higher station,

Now proved by twisted scriptural belief,
Sung loud and proudly by this false messiah.
Brush off the needful hand. Ignore the cry,
Assured the lesser ones deserve their grief.

Now, take. Let’s blow this chasm even wider.
The table has been set – it’s time to feed,
This god himself has said – indulge your greed.
Rip open Mother Earth and reach inside her.

Behold our cruelly First World destitution
Enriched by governmental prostitution.

Monsanto, the evil bee slayer
Has polluted our land, see and air.
Their modified seeds
And their killers of weeds
Are now owned by Germany’s Bayer.

Relentlessly the border battle rages
Against the animals, MS-13.
Though Merkley’s visit paints another scene –
Of babies ripped from moms and put in cages.

To Texas he did go, and there he tried
To see up close, effects of Trump’s restriction
To stem the tide of immigrant affliction.
A private prison, closed. Access: denied.

If you’re against his Iron Fist, then you’re to blame
For all the brown skinned rapists in our land.
And in his tweets you’ll read his reprimand
And know by how he plays: this is no game.

Asylum seekers, you are getting hosed.
The president has said – the gates are closed.

A defendant named Paul Manafort
Is enduring his long day in court.
Was Justice he hampering
Through encrypted tampering?
If so, to the pen’ he’ll report.


Today, I won’t write a Trump bash again.
But another jailbird got a pass again.
After 21 years,
There’s smiles and tears
Thanks to White House Advisor Kardashian.

With grand pronouncements making sense, but barely
He gets on Air Force One bound for Quebec.
G7 talks this time might be a wreck.
Again, he whines, “we’re treated so unfairly”

And yes, we are. By him. Make no mistake.
We’re getting pressed and bled at every turn,
While judge appointments watch our freedoms burn,
And cabinet appointments take and take.

But tell our allies they’re the ones to blame.
While courting global despots you admire.
The world sees you, you narcissistic liar,
And some will view you as but Putin’s Dame.

In other news, Chef Bourdain leaves our venue.
Who knows what pains were featured on his menu.


Though the Cavs left it all on the floor,
As expected, the Dubs won in four.
Does this team feel slighted
That Trump dis-invited?
Who cares. Why bother. What for.


Trade talks in Quebec were a grind,
So Trump left our allies behind.
The G7? Not fun.
Time now for Jong Un.
A world leader who shares his like mind.


They work hard for very low wages.
Zero Tolerance for them enrages.
Often doing so much
Work white people won’t touch,
And for this, we lock them in cages.

– with apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge –

In Singapore did Rocket Man
To our surprise and shock, agree
To sit with he of Little Hands
And talk it over, man-to-man
Perhaps to shift this enmity.
One lays his rivals in the ground.
Dear Leader tolerates no sound
Of discord, smiling as he chalks his kills,
While stalking those who bravely dare to flee,
And plants the rest in hidden labor mills.

But oh! The other, midnight tweeting ranted,
As those who dare to cross him run for cover,
And savage Christians cheer him on, enchanted.
Asylum seekers caged, while pardons granted
By he who tries to silence former lovers.
And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething,
Young men of color murdered just for breathing,
A mighty outburst from those women, forced
Against their will. And in our classrooms, burst
Hot fragments, vaulted automatic hail
A land where ancient Constitutions fail
And mid those dancing rocks at once and ever,
Our leader pisses in our sacred river.
But years of edgy truce brings forward motion:
Two tyrants meet midst hope and great élan
The dotard and the Dennis Rodman fan,
Perhaps to once restore this lifeless ocean;
But in this tumult, voices near and far,
The neo-Cons, still hungry for their war
A shadow government’s dark pleasure.
Bloated, calculating knaves
Judge success by twisted measure,
Bombing innocents to caves,
And match his precious nuclear device
With burning fields and slowly melting ice.

Two damsels with a poisoner
In a vision once I saw:
In Malaysia, traps were laid
At the airport he got played,
Stinging, wounded by his brother,
Could but not survive the envy.
This symphony of wrong,
Brings such painful dread within me,
Still, our congress plays along,
Dismiss allies without care,
With despots now we play so nice!
And all the world shall see them there,
And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
His boyish smile, his floating hair!
Weave a circle round them thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread
For both have signed their names in red
And spilled the milk of Paradise.

The Right saw the Free World a-foldin’.
A mistake helping despots embolden.
Obama took heat
For proposing a meet,
But since Donald Trump did it, it’s golden.

Surprising and hard to believe,
But not worth a moment to grieve.
It’s a wonderful day
When even friends say,
“Brother Pruitt, it’s time that you leave.”


Ancient wisdom, sacred truths abound.
A path to Light within these Holy Pages
Though conflict o’er their meaning often rages,
As politics will twist those words around.

To suit the power structure of the day,
Confirming God is truly on their side
Twisted scripture taken for a ride
Oh weeping mother, what would Jesus say.

To use these words to justify the cruel
Lay cause for your behavior at His feet
This God of Love the source of Love’s defeat?
How dare you play believers for a fool.

Some day for all, may it be truly seen
What Paul meant when he wrote Romans 13.


A consultant named Paul Manafort
For lobbying sins went to court.
Now, a tampering fail
Led to revoke of bail
And the Greybar Hotel is his port.


With envy, Trump took time to mention
How Kim’s people sit in rapt attention.
To win this devotion
He may take a notion
To threaten us all with detention.


The problems that face us? Immensities.
The headlines that greet us? Intensities.
But though things may be bad
They’re still not as sad
As refugees in Texas tent cities.

The traditional countdown from ten,
We hear the words “blast off!” and then,
We head for the stars,
To colonize Mars
And make outer space great again.


Among us now, a moral battle rages.
This Zero Tolerance approach to Law and Order,
Detaining “tender ages” at the border
Then, separated, see them locked in cages.

I hear the question “Is this who we are?”
Cruel history shows evidence of yes.
But some prefer to overlook the mess,
With God to wrap our flag around the scar.

These migrant youths a tragic bargain chip
For he who’s pride demands he have his wall,
While blaming Democrats to take his fall,
Make great again our country’s sinking ship.

And so with weeping days and sleepless nights,
We show the world our stance on Human Rights.

With his goal here to foster creation
Of a more bi-partisan nation,
Mike Bloomberg makes bets
On Dem candidates
With a cool 80 million donation.

In truth I was never a fan,
So I stand in support of the plan
To let her go south
With that sad racist mouth:
The Rosanne show, but without Rosanne.

A columnist name of George Will
Has writ long for the right wing, but still,
To Repubs, he says “Toodles.
They’re just Donald Trump’s poodles”.
Of their “misrule”, the man’s had his fill.

Despite all the partisan jive
It’s a fine time for being alive.
In a land far away,
They’re cheering today
Because now Saudi women can drive.

As we look at the new tariff rates,
A trade war may be tempting fates.
For in reaching to please
Customers overseas,
Harley-Davidson expatriates.

In this most recent flurry of days
The news seems like gossip or praise.
It depends where you look.
But we’re still getting took.
How I long for a parting of ways.

“Supreme” Court? You’ve GOT to be kidding.
For daily, they seem to be skidding.
As they split 5 to 4
They just play The Whore
While they rush to do Corporate’s bidding.

Some say the economy’s humming,
Others find things to do besides bumming.
But the way I am wired,
I’m anxious, and tired
Of the fear something horrible’s coming.

A nation spans beyond my Left Coast bubble
That seeks a future I don’t understand
Five Justices reach out with their Right hand
To crush assumed, established rights to rubble.

A Speaker played his hand with with master touch,
Delayed confirming til Election Day,
And tossing filibuster rules away
He gifted us the Corp’rate Shill, Gorsuch.

Now, guns and God, big business and the rich
Await the next to claim a lifetime seat
Strategic purchased victory so sweet
With thanks to silent Democrats and Mitch.

And polarized, we lash out for our goal
No care left for the damage to the whole.

Annapolis streets filled with sobs.
Another lone nut gunman robs
Life from five folks who choose
To report on the news,
And were slain just for doing their jobs.



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