October, 2019


What blasphemy was their words written in
Impassioned threats hard-flung by grim Oath Keepers,
Those camouflage-clad semi-auto creepers.
America, O what a ride it’s been.

For Democrats and other Communists,
The different faith’d, the dark-skinned, and the queer,
Keep moving. You may take no refuge here.
For bullets have replaced loud words and fists.

A tweet re-tweeted by the President
Comes from the heart of one First Baptist preacher
And this is what he learned from Christ, the Teacher
Is Civil War what this man truly meant.

The ravings of a tinfoil boss of bosses
Inciting war to help disrupt due process


Authoritarian regimes
Went through this a whole lot it seems –
That the things that they did
Just served their leader’s id.
But in republics, only in their dreams.

Timothy Naftali, Historian.


The leader of Finland looked grim.
The chances for friendship are slim.
He wanted to flee
When Trump touched his knee.
I guess the man’s “Finnished” with him.


The president sure as hell knows
How the game of big government goes.
Lie in avalanches,
Commandeer all the branches,
And turn them against all your foes.

Trump says, “I was investigated!”
Trump says, “I was investigated!”
Trump says, “I was investigated!”


For his tactics, the man stands alone:
Deflect, attack, cut to the bone,
Countersue, blame, and lie,
Don’t explain or tell why,
Like his mentor, that scumbag Roy Cohn.


A witness shot dead within days.
A coincidence that should amaze.
Innocence testifies,
And suddenly dies.
Guess forgiveness does not run both ways.


The latest from his “great and unmatched wisdom”
Withdrawal – a betrayal of the Kurds
Turns our support to mere and hollow words
Who of us here can understand his system.

A Tower with his name in Turkey stands.
A threat to Donald’s private economics
Concerns him more than radical Islamics.
Is that why he gives reign to Erdogan.

To end an “endless war” is quite becoming,
But not the same as saying that we quit,
And let the natives there clean up our shit.
Beware, North Syria – the Turks are coming.

So many hoped this wasn’t how it ended.
It’s bad – even Pat Robertson’s offended.


Giuliani, Pompeo & Pence.
Subpoenaed White House documents.
Denials, name-calling,
Accusations, stonewalling
But no truth in Trump’s line of defense.


Lives, houses and business are gone.
Maps of forced power outages drawn.
Is this the futility
Of our “public” “utility”
What side is the PUC on.


There once was an ambassador named Yovanovitch
Corrupt foreign schemes simply made her itch
And so she forbade
Ukrainian aid.
Of course, Giuliani fired the witch.


For taking on Trump from the right,
Shepard Smith said his final “Goodnight”.
Fox News and its minions
Ditch news for opinions
While spewing their cancerous blight.


Another moment you cannot take back
An instant choice that draws from countless years
Fueled by bias, amplified by fears
Another person killed for being black.

Show me your hands. But then there is no chance.
A shot rings out without time for compliance.
No threat here; no resistance or defiance.
An encore of a sad familiar dance.

Killed for no reason while inside your home
By someone in a uniform, no less
Without a body-cam, would he confess?
What dark justice justifies this syndrome.

How many friends and family members cried.
All touched by some slow motion genocide.


This constant exposure’s exhausting.
So much peace of mind he is costing.
His image and words –
We’re surrounded by turds
It’s our sanity he is accosting.


World News Tonight war coverage? Sucky!
That we found out, I guess that we’re lucky.
Their footage was not
Of Kurds getting shot,
But from a gun range in Kentucky.


Twelve candidates stand in a row.
They tell us how much that they know.
The best? Hard to say.
But the main take-away?
That incumbent has just got to go.


In witnessing the meltdown of a man,
Each day brings new and troubling surprises.
We see with every issue that arises
The leader of our country has no plan.

His Turkish letter, void of erudition…
Withdrawing aid, the Kurds are surely toast…
With Italy he plays the awkward host…
…and Nancy is the third-grade politician.

Arrests of Giuliani pals mushrooming
Each day more staffers take a worried stance
They cannot all be Democratic plants.
McConnell says impeachment may be looming.

And on the global stage, our nation’s splendor
Corrupted by this base Snake Oil vendor.


O Baltimore you’ve lost a favored son.
Sharecropper parents who were born of slaves
Pursuing justice, not fearing making waves,
But final challenges could not be outrun.

Revealing truth and unifying factions,
But never backing from a worthy fight,
Put politics beneath his doing right.
Solutions found in human interactions.

To tweet attacks, he sang a higher note
Did not engage in hateful rhetoric
But still he knew which ass deserved a kick.
Sad he’ll be missing the impeachment vote.

The power of his faith his greatest shield.
In Heaven, still, this gentleman won’t yield.

Elijah Eugene Cummings
January 18, 1951 – October 17, 2019


Their stays are amazingly brief.
While there, from both sides they get grief.
Some are good for a laugh
While they serve on his staff,
But no Oscar ™ for an “acting” chief.


Trump Doral sounds, at best, unappealing.
Smells of blatant, corrupted self-dealing.
Meet up elsewhere because
That Emoluments Clause
Helps avoid having Heads of State kneeling.


If you want help from us, well then go for it.
But someone needs something to show for it.
The quid pro quo play’s
The American Way,
And Mulvaney just says to “get over it”.


The G7’s next hacienda
Won’t be the Doral in its’ splenda.
But the sad information
Is not the location,
But that Climate Change missed the agenda.


There was no conversation I recall.
There’s been no statement on this from my hand.
Where came this notion, I don’t understand.
For I’ve said not a word on this at all.

The phone call was “perfect” and “innocent”
But what he said I said I didn’t say
(O would this Ukraine mess just go away?)
I can’t confirm. Just ask him what he meant.

I did advise releasing the transcript,
Confirming what said was not improper,
Providing our side with a gossip stopper
To counter lies the whistle-blower slipped.

It’s not a lynching. Mitch rejects the trope.
Yet soon he might be reaching for the rope.


The FaceBook harvesting of billions of eyes
A public utility that stretches global
And lacks a leadership with causes noble
Perverting Free Speech with silos of lies

Each targeted for me, and you, and you
Through algorithms linked to fingertips
As into clouds the self that we are, drips
While sweet Alexa tells us what to do.

A college online project, rating chicks
That morphed into ubiquitous addiction
That shoots us up with kittens, friends and fiction
And made a platform for electing dicks.

Zuch knows that Trump won’t battle over turfs,
And won’t disturb his kingdom or his serfs.


Two people with a tell-all book to sell:
A pattern over decades traced, as well
As forty-three assaultive allegations
And one man’s predatory inclinations.

A grope, a grab, a kiss – his famous quote.
What woman wouldn’t want that tongue slid down her throat.
He’d show her off just like a new Ferrari,
And never feel the urge to say, “I’m sorry”.

From pee tape hints and matters more perverse,
To outright purchasing Miss Universe
Some went against their will and some got paid
By just another schoolboy getting laid.

And all this from a man chosen by God?
Expose this faulty vessel as a fraud!


A lay’r of dirt or froth on liquid’s surface
Coagulating into human form.
These are Republicans who won’t conform
And lockstep serve their leader’s higher purpose.

How sad this insult isn’t hard to find.
It’s used to denigrate the opposition
By leaders with a tyrant-like condition.
Hitler, Stalin, Putin, come to mind.

And so with his impeachment probe proceeding
And daily bringing damning testimony
(Despite the meeting-storming dog & pony)
Dear Leader drops a tweet to stop the bleeding.

His Presidential insult echoes loudly.
How nice that some opponents wear it proudly.


With PG&E lines in doubt
There’s much to be worried about
Wind and fire we’re told
So put Donald on hold,
And wait til’ the power goe


Entire towns evacuate
No power, some gas – but you’ll wait.
America’s great!
Climate action can wait!
And California’s a Third World State!


Our forces came through in the clutch
Struck a blow against ISIS and such
Our Donald was thrilled
Baghdadi got killed,
But he relished the telling too much.


How int’resting to hear from Kenneth Starr
(The purple-lipped ol’ Grand Inquisitor
Of Clinton and his kneeling visitor)
Who now claims that impeachment goes too far.

He clearly feels “high-crime-and-misdemeanor”
Does not relate to foreign quid pro quos
Or Donald’s gain under Congress’ nose,
But more to do with Presidential wiener

These hearings are just some Pelosi plot.
Her eyes, as third in line, are on The Throne
Those charges are but hearsay, overblown.
O fading Starr – is that the best you’ve got?

Select your facts and twist your history
To justify your moral bankruptcy.


The Series is done and we’re through with it.
Each team had a chance, but one flew with it.
We send our congrats
To the Washington Nats.
(But Donald had nothing to do with it).


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