July, 2019


Let’s embrace inoffensive and bland.
Turn the Fourth Estate rock into sand.
Don’t get too close to home,
Or cut near to the bone,
Or satiric cartoonists get canned.


World Leaders paused and watched her gesture grandly,
And photobomb her way across G20.
Opinions, yes, it seems that she has plenty
For photo ops that may just come in handily.

How pleasant that she represents our nation
(While husband Jared serves his Saudi master
So he can pay his New York mortgage faster)
Yet “Donald’s Daughter”’s not an occupation.

But in the future, not to far away,
These pictures of her sitting at the table
May try to show the masses that she’s able
When time comes for her own Election Day.

I hope I shall not live to finally see
The nightmare of some Trumpian Dynasty.


A young rapist acquitted, it seems.
A good student. Why ruin his dreams.
This fine Eagle Scout
Has a future, no doubt,
In the White House or on the Supremes.


In celebration of the brave and free,
Our independence and inter-dependance,
With synchophants and shameless in attendance,
We pay for Donald Trump’s “Salute to Me”.

No Veteran he, but ogling his tanks.
Blue Angels scream for him, just overhead,
As for a tinhorn dictator instead,
While those who serve will barely get a thanks.

Would someone tell me what the Hell I’m missing.
Why let that face reflect a Nation’s cheers
It did quite well without him all those years
This shameless King of right-wing fanny kissing.

The Baby Diaper Trump a-flying tall.
Unnerving that we need it there at all.


I missed the parade, I’m confessin’
The war planes and tanks were no blessin’
Under grey, stormy skies
People just rolled their eyes
At Donald Trump’s history lesson.


Our president fights the good fight
For citizen census insight
It really takes grit
To finally admit
It’s to help out the white and the right.


Pimp to well-connected and to stars
A list of names all known to like ‘em young
With scores of victim stories to be sung.
How many years could be spent behind bars

This friend of Clinton, Dershowitz and Trump,
This pal of heads of state and billionaires,
A private plane to jet away from cares,
A destination isle of teenage rump.

Who are the folks who wish he’d go away.
Those implicated should he testify.
Or will his mem’ry suddenly run dry.
When called upon to tell who came to play.

Perverse elite who find such clever uses
For human trafficked underage masseuses.


Is the world getting better? Well, nah.
Many problems but ah…
Here today, quite a score –
World Cup Number Four.
USA Women’s Soccer. Brava!


An ambassador, name of Darroch,
In a leaked memo, gave Trump a knock.
He called him “inept”.
How America wept.
Kim Jong Un wouldn’t stand for this talk.


She called him on the message he’s exuding –
To make the country great for but the few.
Perhaps he should try harder, and anew
For she’s one of the people he’s excluding

The team will not be coming for a visit
No photo op for this administration.
Her vic’try celebrates a larger nation.
His straight and white agenda’s too explicit.

Four World Cup wins they made upon the field.
The Level Playing Field fight still rages
How sad equality must come in stages
A patriarchy not content to yield.

But Rapinoe, she sees the future beckoning.
To Trump she says, “we need to have a reckoning”.


More video on CNN.
A deluge that’s beyond my ken.
Louisiana, not again.


A plea deal in 2008
Let Epstein the pedophile skate.
Acosta protected
The rich and connected
And now, he’s resigned, and that’s great.


Tennessee gives a nod to the man
Who saw slavery as quite a good plan.
Hip hip hooray,
It’s Bedford Forrest Day,
The first Grand Wizard of the Klan.


ICE men descend with their hooks.
The world sees how bad this all looks.
So many afraid
To get caught in a raid.
We should arrest crooks and not cooks.


Have you heard Donald’s latest eruption?
“Go back home and fix the corruption”.
(Greater risk for our nation
Is overpopulation
And catastrophic climate disruption.)


Though his words were both racist and mean
This was nothing that we haven’t seen.
Although he’s unkind
The man’s color blind.
There’s just one he sees, and that’s green.


What once was the party of Lincoln
Has too many folks who are stinkin’.
Their man, can’t you tell,
Is George Lincoln Rockwell.
It’s enough to drive one to drinkin’.


And now a list of evidence he touts
That one’s dissent should call for deportation
To salt the bleeding fissure of our nation
A rally chant as if by soccer louts

Impassioned crowd rings out with “SEND HER BACK!!”
A mob shall solve the problems at our core
While leaders punt on what this Country’s for
It’s hard to see recovery from our lack.

The market’s up. So tell me, what’s the fuss.
Our policies, dark secrets poorly kept,
America, so steeped in moral debt
While others pay the bitter price for us.

The world, I fear, will need to take a bath
Should it survive our neo-Fascist path.


Werner Horn is void of contrition
For this State Rep’s recent admission
Where he found the bravery
To talk about slavery
As some sort of time-honored tradition.


Gene Scalia’s a pip of a guy,
And the corporate sector knows why.
Poor labor relations.
More deregulation.
And worker protections, goodbye.


Does Trump want a nation of fools?
Where lying and ignorance rules?
I’m sad for our Nation’s
Once great Education.
When billions get cut from our schools.


Yesterday, Donald Trump was a-tweeting
That with Schumer he’ll set up a meeting.
With their separate renditions
Of our border conditions
I’m sure that their talk will be fleeting.


A fanatical Trump fan named Cesar
Showed how whack his delusional ways are.
To the Trump folks with gripes
He sent bombs stuffed in pipes.
These are zombie apocalypse days, Sire.


Theresa May’s out on her rump
The Brexiteers get a big bump
A torch has been passed.
The Queen is aghast
And Great Britain gets their own Trump.


From neither side he stooped to take the bait.
With answers in few words and often terse.
No revelations came to fuel the verse
Was Mueller’s testimony worth the wait.

While one side fumed and spewed about a coup,
The other probed for fodder to impeach.
Yet Mueller, taciturn, beyond their reach,
Referred to his report as if on cue.

The facts his team assembled in those pages
A cautionary tome for those to follow
An image of a future hard to swallow
Corrupt, beyond the finger-pointing rages.

His statements cast a measure of aspersion.
Our leader must have watched a different version.


The penalty of death is reinstated.
The latest chapter of this endless show.
The chosen five, the lowest of the low,
But is this progress to be celebrated.

Our schools, our air, our health care and our border –
Our Nation’s troubles crying for solutions.
No time for those, but more for executions.
It’s good to have priorities in order.

For 16 years, the executions pause
And now comes Barr all set to throw the switch
Too bad for someone caught up in a glitch
When one is here to serve a higher cause.

Survivors still may see this as a boon,
But politics, not justice, called this tune.


Dear Leader’s great Art of the Deal
Lampooned on the President’s Seal.
Golf clubs & cash.
A nice Russian sash.
Sometimes truth is just too damned surreal.


In Moscow, protesters arrested.
A political process gets tested.
The crowds representing
Locked up for dissenting.
Poor Donald, so jealous, is bested.


So Dan Coats’ tenure now ends.
Is this good or bad for us? Depends.
An Intel chief leaves,
And the new one believes.
That Korea & Russia are friends.


From years ago, a Randy Newman song
Said “Oh Baltimore, man, it’s hard just to live”.
The images “The Wire” had to give
Suggested that Trumps tweets were not too wrong.

But still it stands a city fierce alive,
Defines itself beyond some rust and rot,
Prepared to offer everything it’s got
Determined to do more than just survive.

Ignore the tweeted insults, Baltimore.
You plus & minus balance of a City.
Who cares if not all parts of you are pretty
Your urban landscape stands as metaphor.

A quote rings out from The Baltimore Sun.
It’s better to have rats than to be one.


Some things we learned over the din
On the Democrat pathway to “Win” –
Aim for Google looks,
Compromise with the crooks,
And sound lots more Republican.

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