April, 2019

Oh no. Here it is, April First.
Its timing is really the worst.
While surrounded by goons,
Half-wits and buffoons,
It is for the Wise Fool that I thirst.

Disaster relief’s on the shelf.
Thanks McConnell, you fetid old elf.
You find money for tanks,
Israel and the banks,
But America can’t help itself.


Cindy Yang, a massage parlor sleaze,
Sells Trump access to the Chinese.
Her sly self-promotion
Brought one with a notion
To spread some computer disease.

So McConnell decides to “go nuke”
Making judges for life, sans rebuke.
He’ll be stacking courts plenty
Until 2020.
This guy makes me just want to puke.

“Persistent and pervasive threat”
To our security, and yet
This growing white supremacism
Is not perceived as terrorism.


Six-hundred fifty-five more days, we hope
’Til someone better qualified elected
Begins the tear-down of the walls erected
By this self-serving, grifting Orange Dope.

His tax returns are not for you to see,
Nor the report sat on by William Barr,
Those seeking his new Health Plan won’t get far,
But we can read his Biden tweets with glee.

And now he’s up for dissing Barbara Bush
How brave he is to speak ill of the dead.
But focus on his policies instead,
And find a candidate to kick his tush.

I’m sorry in my rhymes I have no answer
While fretting about windmills causing cancer.


For asylum, to us they took flight.
Separation then increased their plight.
It’s sad to the heart
That thousands apart
Will take two years to reunite.

A DHS leader named Kirstjen
Helped our refugee policy worstjen.
On kids she was tough,
But not quite enough.
She’s gone, but she won’t be the firstjen.


He found his politics while but a youth
With inspiration from Wayne LaPierre
For far-right causes he was always there
To hone his twisted shaping of the truth

At Duke, with Richard Spencer he connected
And after, writing speeches, paid the rent,
Well-crafted words to shade their ill intent
But in him, Bannon’s ghost is resurrected.

Now watch this Machiavelli’s rise in power
This man who serves as Trump’s trusted advisor
Behind him, more articulate, and wiser
Beware the shadow of his shining hour.

The calculating methods of a killer.
The empty, icy soul of Stephen Miller

Tho I’m sure quite a few will rejoice,
I’d prefer a more moderate voice.
It’s easy to squirm
For his record fifth term.
Netanyahu was not my first choice.


No tax returns. No Barr report.
And now Assange will go to court.
In the Land of the Free
What it’s legal to see
Makes me think that we’re being sold short.


Gannett, JetBlue, John Deere, Duke Energy,
Goodyear and Pitney Bowes, Eli Lilly,
Cliff’s, Aramark, Netflix and Salesforce,
GM, Whirlpool, and Molson-Coors – of course!

Tech Data, US Steel, IBM,
And Activision, Penske, MGM
Occidental, Rockwell-Collins, Delta Air
Dominion, Ryder and Alaska Air.

There’s Avis, Owens-Corning and Chevron
Prudential, Honeywell and Amazon,
And don’t forget our friends at Halliburton,
For all the work they do behind the curtain.

These corporations really have it made –
Last year, exactly ZERO TAXES PAID.

Some folks say that Assange is uncouth.
That his mission’s a crime, but forsooth –
He shows the eruption
Of power’s corruption
To those who can’t handle the truth.


Words spoken, reassembled by another
Then amplified upon the larger stage,
Delivered just to amplify the rage
Against a Representative, a mother,

A refugee, a story of success,
But still not welcomed by those “in the know”
Because of how she bucks the status quo.
For greatness sought, should she deserve no less.

Renounce the threats of deadly violence
Denounce the leader who with glee, provokes it
And find the heart to calm the fire that stokes it.
Condemn the end this hatred represents.

In life, I find it difficult to be
With those who’d kill with whom they disagree.


60 Minutes. Pelosi. Nice touch.
Her story, her power, and such.
She showed poise and wit.
Said the Prez was unfit.
But “progressive”? I don’t think so much.


Grand spire engulfed in flame
Only ash within the frame
Things will never be the same
It hurts just to say the name


Yesterday, a bipartisan blend
Moved to bring our troops’ role to an end
From the conflict in Yemen
But without much hemmin’
Trump vetoed for his Saudi friend.


Today “that report” will get shown.
What dark secrets will remain unknown.
Oh, what will it say.
Meanwhile, yesterday,
Kim Jong Un dropped a bomb of his own.


Muellers report! And now comes the reactions.
Two years, four-hundred fifty pages later,
What truths be told by this investigator,
Between the lines of of Barr’s “gentle redactions”.

Obstruction in eleven distinct cases
And more attempts, all there for our perusal,
But thwarted by his former staff’s refusal.
His policy of lies told to our faces.

He bitched about his lawyer taking notes
Pulled strings to undermine investigation,
Engaging in deliberate obfuscation,
But didn’t work with Russia for our votes.

The spin we got from Barr will come in handy.
Republicans can say it’s fine and dandy.


This sad, amoral grifter of a leader
This standard bearer for corrupt behavior
What type of soul would choose him as a savior
None but the basest of a bottom feeder.

Appealing to the shallow motivations
To sanctify the covetous and greedy
And better damn the righteous and the needy
While honoring the despots of all nations.

His type in politics is not a stranger
We’ve seen before this shameless anti-hero
The boastful self-enamored orange Nero
Who through his hubris puts us all in danger.

So step right up my friend and take your shot.
Right now he’s president and you are not.


Today the White House is the place.
A traditional Easter showcase.
It’s a festive affair,
But the only egg there
Is the one that’s on Donald Trump’s face.


Old friends and new in peaceful celebration
Stark contrast to events a world away
In Sri Lanka, such bloodshed yesterday
What end was served by this foul machination.

When faith and worship come to bloody end
What godly cause could possibly be served
What slaughtered innocents meet fates undeserved,
And in what Hell will perpetrators spend.

But now, my day of quiet joy complete,
In comfort, far away from any dangers
I pause to think of rows of faceless strangers
And mourn the deaths of those I’ll never meet.

How sad to note this heartless insurrection
Can cloud the promise of a resurrection.


There are reasons for prudent adherences
To who gets security clearances.
So many have tried
But got access denied,
Until Trump jumped in with interferences.

Mitch McConnell has made it quite clear:
No room for Progressives this year.
This Senate gate-keeper’s
The left wing’s Grim Reaper
Unless he’s bounced out on his rear.


In a gesture of interests united,
Vlad Putin and Jong Un were sighted.
They sat down for a chat
About this and that,
And Donald Trump wasn’t invited.


In Raqqa, our troops were deployed.
Their shelling was hard to avoid.
It slaughtered civilians,
Cost taxpayers billions.
It’s free now, but also destroyed.


Trump’s new Fed Reserve pick Steve Moore.
For the Billionaire Club, such a whore.
He says everywhere
Folks should pay their fair share.
His solution – more tax for the poor.


How I long for The Donald’s undoing.
How I hate how this country he’s screwing,
Every lie, spew and boast.
But what bothers the most
Are the people who like what he’s doing.


With Face the Nation, Lindsay Graham met,
To talk of Mueller, Trump & Barr, and such,
How Democratic scandals make him wet,
But looking into Donald’s – not so much.

With Clinton, he could not dig deep enough.
The length he’d go to keep The White House clean –
Impeach the man for all his acts obscene.
But Donald? Things are different with his stuff.

He’ll overlook what came from Don McGann.
He’s done, and he’s heard all he needs to know.
But words came back to haunt him on that show
His ethics shift depending on the man.

Compare him now to what he’s said and writ.
Lindsay Graham. What a hypocrite.


News today I did not read or hear.
Did I miss it? Not really, my dear.
I played music instead.
But one item I read:
Rodney Robinson, Teach of the Year.

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