September, 2020


Those Socialists throwing that fit?
Donald says he’ll protect you from it.
Then tell you with pride
Law & Order’s his guide,
But in fact he likes stirring up shit.


When Trump’s interviewed on Fox Newses,
He just spews out whatever he chooses:
Biden’s sick. Portland’s burning.
Anarchy is churning.
I so hope this corrupt liar loses.


Trump’s latest tweet storm was quite nice.
He wants this election on ice.
Since the Dems are all frauds,
Just even the odds
Making sure that you vote for him twice.


Once, Forest Gump, on life and all its frets
Compared it to a box of choc-o-lates
Now Trump, on murder, going with his gut,
Said death’s like choking on a three-foot putt.

In Germany and France, our fallen lay
From bitter battles of an olden day
But Donald’s hair could not endure the clime
Suckers and losers don’t deserve his time.

With flag and Bible merely photo ops
As he excuses trigger-happy cops
And “Patriots” suck up his lies and tricking,
Democracy is ripe for Donald’s picking.

While public comments clean up what they can,
The private ones still show the real man.


The studying of Racial Theory
Appears to make Donald Trump leery.
He’s canceling classes
On Whites being asses
Why not. It’s his privilege, Dearie.


New revelations from the broken fixer.
Another tell-all book upon the pile
From he who paved the rocky road with style
But still, no that’ll-change-their-vote elixir.

Hush money paid to folks behind the scene,
The bullshit of the laying on of hands,
Contempt for all the dark ones in the stands,
Red, White & Blue subordinate to Green.

The jealous admiration saved for Putin –
His nexus point of global wealth and power
Entreaties that he’d help the campaign flower,
Perhaps a Moscow Trump Hotel? Damn tootin’!

Disbarred, disgraced and under House Arrest
This Judas Suit who once loved Trump the best.


That Doonesbury strip’s quite a brand.
Yesterday, Trudeau laid out what’s planned.
With Sunday as “GO”,
For the rest of his show,
Trump will have COVID blood on his hand.


A logistics whiz, name of DeJoy,
Said “For fundraising, Don – I’m your Boy!”
What staffers donated,
He slyly rebated,
Now the USPS is his toy.


In Austin, Lake Travis had drama.
Five boats went down without a comma.
Those poor Trumper fools
Blew off waterway rules.
I’m sure that they all blamed Obama.


Guest Poet
Senate Minority Leader
Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.)

“Trump lied…
…people died”.


And now, with Rage, suspicions are confirmed:
Our leader is a narcissistic fool,
With staff a silent, deferential tool
Who out of fear just rolled their eyes and squirmed.

With no distinction between truth and lie,
Attention span much like a minus number,
And empathy quite dead or in deep slumber,
This boastful bully, self-deluded guy

Assumes no blame but pulls in all the credit.
In 18 on-the-record interviews
Expands upon his sad, deluded views
And leaves it up to Woodward for the edit.

Confirming here an old familiar song
What some deny but we knew all along.


Yes, Trump is so mean and unfair,
And COVID is really a scare.
To write more, I’ve tried
But I’m preoccupied
With all of the shit in the air.


He gave COVID underplayed spin.
(Didn’t want to have panic set in).
But each time he’ll speak
He’ll want us to freak
On what happens if he don’t win.


Did Trump really say what he means
Shooting suspects in violent scenes?
Does he see beneficial
Killing extrajudicial
Like Duterte in the Philippines.


We’ll see how Henderson Nevada handles
The aftermath of Trump’s indoor love fest
Where Donald put the maskless throngs to test
Upon his long conveyor belt of scandals.

Behavior that is reckless and appalling
And all while spreading lies and stoking fear
Implying that a civil war is near.
Take comfort in his polling numbers falling.

To win again, with Putin he colludes,
Has Barr to favor friends and muzzle foes,
But soon we’ll grab the hook and get the hose
When this dystopian nightmare concludes.

For if that man should get another four,
Our States won’t be United anymore.


Sad man collecting deadly, hellish thoughts
Held captive by the shadows on the ceiling
Deleted tweets reveal a mind that’s reeling
Election night spent waiting for the shots

There’s leftist hit squads coming to your town
And deep-state scientists with their sedition
Buy guns! Buy guns! Buy guns & ammunition!
It’s come to this. They’re gonna take me down.

A Health and Human Services advisor
Advising scientists to change their tunes.
Now warning the approach of Left-Wing goons.
Could this man’s boss have chosen any wiser?

The latest news says he may soon take leave.



Barr’s slimy corruption just oozes
Enforcing the laws that he chooses
With absolute power,
Hello golden shower.
Trump wins and America loses.


Come out! Come out! Stop your hidin’!
You G.O.P. voters for Biden!
Like the once-Pence adviser
Who knows that it’s wiser
To have it be truth yer confidin’.


A champion and a firebrand has left.
A valiant run, but now she is at peace
Yet her demand for justice cannot cease.
A nation and its women stand bereft.

Her last and her most fervent wish was stated
And yet before the body’s even cold
McConnell’s slimy playbook will unfold
This hypocrite with conscience abrogated.

What dark cutthroat maneuvers lie ahead
What senators might have the guts to break
With both sides knowing full well what’s at stake
So many cases hanging by a thread.

Let Ginsberg’s optimism shine within you,
Believing “We the People” will continue.


“The people need to have their voices heard”
“Let’s hold off making this justice selection.”
“Too soon before a heated Prez election.”
You saw their quotes, now hold them to their word.

“I don’t think we should seek a nominee,
And this, regardless of affiliation
To serve the greater interests of our nation”
Their words, four years ago for all to see.

“The climate’s too political I fear.” “This court has dealt with absences before.”
“It’s better with the voters keeping score.”
Oh never mind. Trump’s made the process clear:

“Let’s find a woman who’ll vote like a man
And jam her down their throats quick as we can.”


Education should be patriotic!
The truth of our past? Idiotic!
We’re white, right & strong!
We’ve done nothing wrong!
Strap him down and inject a narcotic.


It don’t take a genius to know
A con man is running the show.
He’s screwed so much stuff.
Four years is enough.
This asshole has just got to go.


A landmark new record today
Our death toll hit 200K
A phenomenal job.
That ignorant blob
Sez the virus is going away.


Even if he don’t win, he’ll call “dibs”
Kick Democracy right in the ribs
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Boy, that will sure piss off the Libs!


Her body lies in state as mourners shout.
They say “honor her wish” and “vote him out”.
Perhaps out of respect this solemn day
He didn’t use tear gas to clear the way.

Meanwhile with the rules McConnell fudges,
Still slamming through his legacy of judges.
At stake, the right to legally abort,
And decades of an out-of-balance court.

Then for Breonna’s death, no charges filed,
Reflects a damaged system spinning wild,
With prayers for peace and justice, getting neither,
But two cops shot did not get justice either.

To turn the tide, mass voting is our task.
By mail, or in person (with a mask).


It’s National Public Lands Day!
Free admission to visit and play!
Celebrate their protection
And untouched perfection
With Bill Pendley going away.


In Portland, the Proud Boys collected
In numbers far less than expected.
For love they came callin’
Of boozin’ & brawlin’ –
A platform that most folks rejected.


And from the Times, the news is as expected
About our fraudulent conniving boss
Who boasted billions running at a loss
And taxes paid? Well not too much detected.

His business tactics – mostly bleed and squander.
A wizard he, at piling on the debt.
His castle but a house of cards, and yet
It’s still too much for his fan base to ponder.

His hotels tho, a steady income source
His aides and secret service do it right
Six-hundred fifty bucks per-room-per-night
The tab picked up by taxpayers of course.

Is he our first elected crook? I doubt it.
It’s just he’s so damned obvious about it.


Tonight a debate comes to pass,
With America watching en masse.
When the two of them meet,
How can Biden compete
With the lies Trump pulls out of his ass.


one heartfelt question
on behalf of a nation
would you shut up, man?

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