August, 2018

You’d best be a ducker and sprinter
For it might be a bloody long winter.
You can get yourself killed
Since now folks can build
A gun from a 3-D printer.


That he wants the probe stopped’s not surprising.
For he has things to hide, we’re surmising.
Though there may be confusion
Over what is collusion,
In the meantime, sea levels are rising.


Each day, from our future we borrow.
On a path that may well end in sorrow.
Trump’s emission solution
Just adds to pollution.
Breathe now like there is no tomorrow.


As a player, I’m not LeBron’s fan.
Still, I have much respect for the man.
His passion is burning.
Gives money for learning.
Just throw Donald’s tweets in the can.

My son and the Reds have not spoken.
If they did, then no laws were broken.
And I didn’t know.
And if I did, so?
Jeff Sessions, tell Mueller to stop pokin’.


And finally, there was collusion there.
He says this after 40 times denial.
So what does all this mean for Mueller’s trial.
(In other news, how many lack health care.)

And lawyer Michael Avenetti’s ire!
He wants to duke it out with Fox’s Hannity.
About the Stormy D payout insanity!
(In other news, our planet is on fire.)

And how we love to hear the snowflakes bitch
On each and every presidential action,
The Lib’rals weep while midnight tweets get traction.
(In other news, those tax breaks for the rich…)

All day, all night, Trump headlines get the best of us,
Ignoring all the things that plague the rest of us.


For his paranoid spewings of hate,
Alex Jones got the boot, and that’s great.
iTunes and Spotify
Kissed his podcasts goodbye,
And for this, we thank The Deepstate.

Embezzlement. Cooking the books.
My God, what a damn bunch of crooks.
Just a slight bit of sweat
In that ostrich jac-ket’.
Let’s see how your prison suit looks.

So Brock Turner, convicted but barely,
Dared to claim he got tried unfairly.
But the judges, in force,
Ruled out his “outercourse”
And upheld the sentencing, squarely.

A statement made, perhaps a gauntlet thrown.
For those who say that systemic oppression
Thrives in a space of human rights repression
A hatred born in fear of the not known,

Tweet-fueled by one who’s borderline psychotic.
Just throw the ball you whining piss-and-moaners.
But isn’t it the class we know as “owners”
Who really stoop to sins unpatriotic.

Hey Whitey, hear just what is being said
When own’ed ones dare raise a fist and kneel
And in that moment, take a breath to feel
Grandfathers brought in chains and left for dead.

No disrespect to the Red White & Blue.
The Red stands for the Red of our blood too.

Monsanto says RoundUp don’t kill.
And has “evidence” “proving”, but still,
I’d rather have health
Than die with the wealth
Of that 289 mil.

In Charlottesville, people felt slighted.
Recall how their torches ignited,
Expressing their fears.
But for hundreds of years,
The Right has already united.

From slavery to pure genocide,
And the guilty who never got tried,
Failed treaties and borders.
Just following orders.
Go forward or backward. Decide.

Do words exist that ‘ere should not be said,
And who is there to forcibly prohibit them.
Then what is lost, should we no more exhibit them
Or would they but explode inside our head.

And what is truly served when they are uttered,
In instant global reach, inciting hate.
No more with tact or prudence must we wait.
And now in flames hear truth and discourse guttered.

But what of those upon the hearing end.
So sweet to dream the dreams of sheltered ears.
Or are we stronger listening to our fears.
A rended fabric needs both sides to mend.

Beyond the fog of what was thought was meant.
May we be judged upon our true intent.

Omarosa’s new book is a teller!
Says her ex-boss is a racist feller!
She’s just playing the game,
Grasping seconds of fame,
Saying anything for a best-seller.

From Pennsylvania comes a sad confession
To cause a true believer much dismayal
Revealing generations of betrayal
The dark side of Apostolic succession.

One thousand victims seeking ministrations,
Statistics on an index of abuse
The courage to come forth, but what’s the use.
A scar transcending statute limitations.

Oh Mother Church, your Bishops hiding Bishops
A cloak to cover up sins of the Father
For years you wonder why the wounded bother
When cries for help fall deaf on higher ups.

With power to keep reputations varnished,
How many souls leave faith brutally tarnished.


No surprise to a person who knows him.
Going after the ones who oppose him
Is but par for the course.
Is there voter remorse?
Where’s the folks with the stuff to depose him.

So many of them come home ill
After serving our country, but still
Our vets get ignored
So Trump can afford
A parade that costs 92 mil.


In Georgia, there’s some polling places
That serve mostly folks with black faces.
Those booths will now close.
Could one fairly suppose
This concerns Voting Rights for the races?

When governments that stand as Democratic
Must face the bitter now that’s economic,
Then Global Trade’s the real Bomb Atomic
Decisions made by those more autocratic.

And standing oddly silent on the side
Look on and see one million disappear
Can one not bear to ask who’s next to fear
The quick and guaranteed efficient ride.

Retraining schools enforcing strict obedience
A learning curve for those to work as slaves
But what flag has the courage to make waves
In light of commerce needing our expedience.

And so amidst our own crisis and scandal,
Another truth so many cannot handle.

From his staff, he wants loyal adherence.
From his critics, he hates interference.
And what matters greatly?
What you’ve done for him lately.
(Or you’ll lose your Security Clearance.)

From Rudy’s evasions and lies,
To the EPA clouding our skies,
To immigrant cages,
To midnight tweet rages,
It’s just too much. Doctor, my eyes…


Within an hour, the juried peers had spoken.
Two men found guilty of 8 counts apiece.
Paul Manafort in his fine ostritch fleece,
And Michael Cohen, the lawyer-fixer, broken.

For lying’s simply not “Alternate Truth”,
And still there is a price to pay for fraud,
‘een if one’s blessed by Russia and by God.
Remember, come November’s voting booth.

Hush money paid to silence talk of quickies.
What other charges might Mueller be bringing
Should deals made bring up more songs for singing.
(what is it about Presidential dickies?)

Today for once, the Left side is all smiles.
But what will be revealed in future trials.

A current High Court nominee
Plainly said that a Prez should be free
From being indicted,
Which made Trump excited
And he said “Here’s the Judge for me!!”

I don’t mean to get all polemic,
But Gummint corruption’s endemic.
The grifters and phonies.
The favors to cronies.
Why, immunity seems epidemic!

And now an immunized and leaking Pecker,
Profess’ed master of the “catch-and-kill”,
A man who bent a paper to his will,
Revealed to be a journalistic wrecker.

In serving the best interest of a friend,
Suppressing damning gossip tabloid glee.
This disappearing act not played for free,
It’s payoff but a presidential end.

How could these players make our country great?
Who’s only love is asset liquidation
A fire-sale sell off of our nation
And four of ten still cheering on this fate.

With eight-hundred and eighty days to go,
Is one more tired or sickened of this show.


At peace, his final battle now has ended,
A man of courage, principle, and wit,
Admittedly, a flawed, imperfect fit,
But on both sides, respected and befriended.

A humble sense of serving something greater,
Unlike his punchline of a running-mate,
Or many in our government of late,
Who but to self and special interests cater.

In those who may not see this man a Hero,
A link to our humanity is lacking.
As witness to our great foundations cracking,
He spoke truth to our coward Orange Nero.

Let those among us who for honor thirst
Lament this man who put our Country first.



Neil Simon


But still we wish

He wasnt




A tradition this seems to becoming,
(Though it looks like The Donald’s not bumming)
Still, it looks like McCain,
Like Babs Bush, made it plain:
“It’s my funeral. Thanks for not coming.”

With the Christian Right, Donald Trump met,
And he told them “you guys better get
All the White folks you can
To vote Re-Pub-Li-Can,
Or the Negroes will get you, you bet!”


To keep children safe in our schools,
Our teachers must have proper tools.
Using Federal funds
For purchasing guns?
Great idea! That Betsy DeVos rules!



A quarterback dares kneel in his prime.
And sidelined by white owners, an example.
Speak truth and find your punishment is ample.
A stunning act for this “post-racial” time.

But can these claims meet some burden of proof.
Was subtext clearly, “Boy stay in your lane”.
While player-felons feel far less pain,
Did his glass ceiling hit a steel roof.

No disrespect but still to make a claim:
The Dream is more a Nightmare for too many
Where few get most and others, hardly any
There on the streets, where race is not a game.

In kneeling then, a man is standing tall,
And kicks off a political football.

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