June, 2020


Oh what a darkly strange four years we’ve had
All falling from the choices that were made
As one by one we saw best hopes betrayed.
Unfolding like binge-watching Breaking Bad.

It started with a wrong but simple goal,
And starred a White man, gifted as a liar
Who built and stoked his own self-serving fire
That tragically ballooned out of control.

Destruction came in waves and lives were lost.
Good people saw their souls dragged through the mud.
A trail of broken bones and spattered blood
For one who’d save himself at any cost.

November, no more episodes remaining.
This long ago stopped being entertaining.


Tear gassed, peaceful protestors fled
As word of his fascism spread.
Troops on horseback were feared,
His pathway was cleared
To pose with a book he ain’t read.


A nation in anger and doubt.
A president showing his clout.
We’re singing the blues
Searching for some good news.
Well, at least racist Steve King is out.


Barr’s troops make a striking tableau.
Trained and tactical. Ready to go.
He’s turned up the heat.
They’ll be sweeping the street
With no stinking badges to show.


It’s a gesture important but small,
But sadly there’s no shock at all
That the Senate would dither
And backing would wither,
And a bill against lynching would stall.


Black People, Trump feels your pain.
But the Stock Market’s rising again.
Unemployment has slowed
Which statistically showed
That George Floyd did not die in vain.


The White House with black fencing at its border
A Nation’s precious symbol – a fortress.
A movement that our leader can’t address,
But lurks within, while tweeting “Law & Order”.

In countless cities, throngs of people witnessing.
The call for justice ringing loud and clear,
But no clear path for getting there from here,
And not much in the way of Social Distancing.

The signs and slogans cover quite the range
As streets and parks reverberate with chants.
The joy of watching newfound strangers dance.
Go forward in this spirit. Be the change.

In other news, while Trump is bunker-hidin’,
Colin Powell just came out for Biden.


Let’s look at Trump staffers who quit,
And how how he’d dis them in a snit.
At first they were hailed
Then branded as “failed”,
Cuz they couldn’t put up with his shit.


What an old man for peace must endure.
Pushed by cops to the ground, that’s for sure.
He fell, hit his head.
They walked by as he bled.
This “Antifa provocateur”.


I’m not a big Bill Barr endorser.
His responses are tone-deaf and coarser.
He should know what is meant
As good Law Enforcement
Is not “Be a Big Bad Enforcer”.


It’s a word that’s just too sadly fitted
At our borders where conflicts are pitted
There’s refugees seeking,
And inmates just freaking.
An asylum with no more admitted.


The mobilized troops were all set
To counter a domestic threat
And tho’ he was there
In Lafayette Square,
A General voiced his regret.

A conundrum for them MAGA folks
Is a source of some pretty good jokes.
To rally with pride
They’ll have to decide –
Is COVID a danger or hoax.


Like most of my friends, I am banking
On Trump’s popularity tanking.
But today, heal the rift.
For his birthday gift,
Let’s line up and give him a spanking.


From a 6 to 3 Supreme Court spar,
Comes a ruling that reaches quite far:
The law of our nation
Bans discrimination.
It’s legal to be who you are.


Our government’s seeking solutions.
Each branch makes its own contributions.
Bill Barr says “hey, trust us.”
His best path to justice
Is resume Federal executions.


You can’t blame poor Donald for trying.
But not many people are buying.
What facts do you choose.
It’s not just fake news,
But also fake illness and dying.


Just what does America need.
It depends upon which side you read.
With his anger and spite,
Trump sure can incite,
But he hasn’t a clue how to lead.


The bunting arcs – red white and blue resplendent
The chanted slogans, 19,000 strong
A fan base that will not be proven wrong
No virus will restrict their First Amendment.

And no one else could draw a crowd this size,
Believing every word he has to say.
The fake news of the stats two weeks away
Revealing who’s afflicted and who dies.

There’s bedlam and there’s chaos at the gates
The lawlessness of Democrats elected.
No recourse tho, if you should get infected.
Meanwhile Tulsa holds its breath and waits.

A prayer for these well-meaning bullshit swallowers
Reminding me so much of Jim Jones followers.


Attorney Geoff Berman’s in mind.
Bill Barr says the man has resigned.
But Geoff is not gone.
His cases go on.
Guess Trump is just scared what he’ll find.


If you believe that
Was a million in strength,
Then you’ll believe this
Is nine inches in length.


Tho there’s plenty around him to flatter,
His allies are starting to scatter.
It’s been a nice ride,
But he’s on the wrong side
Of too many issues that matter.


The papers this morning have wrote
Of two primaries worthy of note.
New York and Kentucky,
I hope that you’re lucky
And no one is dying to vote.


A president who’s surely lost his reason
Still reeling from his rally’s poor attendance,
And watching our infection rate’s ascendance,
Speaks out about his predecessor’s treason.

No grounds support this baseless accusation
Why, even Lindsay Graham’s not on board
A liability he can’t afford,
This strategy that reeks of desperation.

Meanwhile: a niece’s book is called salacious.
Our immigration quotas scale back.
The push for cutting Roger Stone some slack.
No masks for Trump in Arizona. Gracious.

And perched upon our country’s tragic skid,
This president who lies but doesn’t kid.


Enough with the protesting chatter.
Who cares if communities shatter.
As discontent grows,
The evidence shows:
Except for his own – No Lives Matter.

(Bonus Rhyme – No Extra Charge!)

Poor ol’ Devin Nunes, and how!
His lawsuit, a judge won’t allow.
Despite what he claimed,
He wasn’t defamed,
And he can’t sue a parody cow.


So many worked and waited for this day.
So much was spent on this Supreme investment
The table’s set for its complete divestment
The Court’s been asked to fell the ACA.

So what, the sick and dying come in surges.
So grand to see Obama in defeat,
To watch the Libtards crying in the street
By satisfying Federalist urges.

“So there” to all the whiners left at-risk
So long to cov’rage of what’s pre-existing
Your health deserves no government assisting.
Go broke or die. Your choice. Just keep it brisk.

This lack of care is more than just a phase.
Our country’s sick in oh so many ways.


In a press conference held yesterday
Mike Pence had some great things to say
We’re stopping the spread
Nobody is dead
And reopening’s really okay.


45 is the man of the hour
His campaign just continues flower
Kiss Biden goodbye
Trump’s polling is high
Among folks who like chanting “White Power”.


A St. Louis couple we view
Pointing guns at a crowd marching through.
Tho within their rights,
Had ‘em dead in their sights.
In Amerika, that’s what we do.


Buffoonish, ill-informed, and demagogic,
His reputation takes another blow.
Within the labyrinth of twisted logic
Lies what our leader did and did not know.

The McEnany spin could make one dizzy.
A Russian price on US soldiers’ heads.
For briefing, was our president too busy,
Or was he that damned cozy with the Reds.

When you’re a more broad-stroke, big-picture guy,
Fine details are easy ones to miss.
His stable genius-ness must be why
Trump’s ignorance is his pal Putin’s bliss.

More worrisome than on the streets you’ll find
The anarchy that rages in his mind.

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