September, 2019


The earth filled with fire and flood.
A gunman out looking for blood.
Our leader’s a curse
Who’s just making it worse.
A great day for smoking some bud.


Makers, carriers, fixers, builders, sweepers,
Those who sew and iron, serve and cook and clean,
Who make it work and run behind the scene
And yet so disrespected by their keepers.

Back breaking, mind numbing, and soul destroying
On the line, and on – or off – the clock,
From fact’ry, warehouse, construction site and dock,
The setters of the table we’re enjoying.

Much more than some great 3-day weekend deal,
This day we honor those who do the work.
A meager tip jar pittance of a perk,
And from it, even then, the Bosses steal.

Our lives become a bit less of a fight
When Labor votes to stand tall and unite.


Suicide Bomber. Hostage. Deaths. Attacks.
Shots Fired. Dirty Bomb. Evacuation.
Shootout. Cocaine. Palestine Liberation.
Weapons Cache. Radiation Leak. Anthrax.

Recruitment. Pirates. Hamas. Hezbollah.
Basque Separatists. ICE. Shelter-In-Place.
Key Logger. Taliban. Decapitate.
Kidnap. Collapse. Disaster. Sinaloa.

Pandemic. Plague. Small Pox. Assassination.
Black Out. Brown out. Grid. Power. Body Scanner.
Cyber Command. Botnet. Keylogger. Scammer.
Extremist. Hazardous. Evacuation.

This partial list for all you rhyming nerds,
DHS monitored phrases and keywords.


A founder of faith-based conversion
Once condemned gayness as a perversion.
That he’s finally come out
Wipes away any doubt
That his Bible is the Queen James’ Version.


The Parliament, tamping down Boris,
Set an excellent example for us.
His Brexit deal sucked,
So enough Tories bucked,
And said “NO” in a resounding chorus.


When Dorian hit with persistence,
The Bahamas had little resistance.
Whole towns, now debris
Leaving those who can’t flee
In need of life-saving assistance.


Many years and many millions spent
To get the High Court voting 5 to 4.
The Bigtime Donor Interests know the score.
And those black robes know who they represent.

In 13 years, a quarter billion dollars
Anonymously given to the cause
Secures Big Donor sway over our laws
But who’s hand holds the leashes to the collars.

The doctrine that the Federalists preach,
Roadblocks to ballots for those not like us,
Pollution limits are superfluous,
Thumbs down on Labor, thumbs up to corp’rate speech.

It’s hard to not have oligarchic visions
With 73 pro-corporate decisions.


Alabama got ready to flee
Based on weather updates from DT.
Information reliance
No longer from science
Will now be pronounced by decree.

For three years now the clickbait headlines scream
That Donald’s breakdown/takedown soon is coming
How much false hope are these articles drumming.
That ending comes in some collective dream.

The chance the House may soon vote to impeach.
The specter of the man’s ill-gotten wealth
His lies, his insults and his mental health
All fun to read while he stays out of reach.

Who’s strong enough to match him whim for whim
We’ve seen – he simply will not beat himself
His base is strong. Opponents line the shelf.
Who dares show his own nakedness to him.

A chance for any honest confrontation
Unmasks his hollowness before the Nation.


Four states thinking Trump’s doing swell
Let their primaries slide into Hell.
The man’s on a mission!
There’s no competition!
Call off the election as well!


I am wary of any such offer
From those who regularly demonize
The vulnerable ones before our eyes.
Beware the remedies these people proffer.

A problem, hard to solve and most persistent.
It’s headline grabbing, yes, but is it wise
When powers choose to but politicize
A matter needing thought and real commitment.

So will our government offer assistance –
The resources to shelter and to house
Or is this policy they now espouse
The next step towards locking up resistance.

Each day a rising in intensities
Next comes demolishing of tent cities.

Now we must bid John Bolton good-bye.
Tho’ we really may never know why.
Was he fired? Did he quit?
Tell me who gives a shit.
Just be glad that the bombs didn’t fly.

Who cares what the EPA’s for.
Regulations are such a damned chore.
That stuff that we’re drinking?
Too bad if it’s stinking.
It’s the water – and a lot more.


So Gregory Cheadle is sore.
And will not tolerate any more.
He decided to flee
The pro-White GOP
And be Trump’s Token Negro no more.


Those Dems, they don’t get along well.
They finger-point, argue and yell.
While Repubs, of one mind,
Kiss their leader’s behind,
As they follow him straight into Hell.


Brett Kavanaugh’s back in the press.
But Trump says he has naught to confess.
Was it just harmless fun,
Or assaulting someone
Because she was wearing a dress.


Above great oil fields the bombs exploded
Who sent the drones was far too obvious
Mess with our Saudi friends, you mess with us.
Our President now boasts – we’re locked and loaded.

For years, our nation’s hawks have bitter longed
For cause to war with what was once great Persia
And now a chance to trump NATO inertia.
For with this act we see the world was wronged.

The finger-pointing and the accusations,
The shocking, witty tweet from Tulsi Gabbard,
The perfect chance to fin’lly raise our scabbard.
What sacrifice awaits this Game of Nations.

Six million barrels lost. Our friend is pissed.
(You know. The one who killed that journalist.)


GM’s 2% wouldn’t fly.
And the layoffs? Another black eye.
Now, along with no pay,
‘til the strike goes away
They can all kiss their health plans goodbye


Set aside my political rhyme
On the ongoing government crime,
Cuz for now things are great.
Giants fans celebrate –
Bochy wins for the 2,000th time!


Tho a few may dismiss it as scuttlebutt,
Donald said things that were inappropriate.
They involve the Ukraine,
And to cause Biden pain.
How long can we go with our eyes wide shut.


Some partisan hack job dared blow the whistle
On artful dealings with my Ukraine friend
Dear God when will my persecution end.
Two Hundred Fifty Million worth of missile,

I only ask – a favor in return.
With all the resources at my command,
What part of “rival” don’t you understand.
Perhaps we will not meet until you learn.

And yet not many rise to say extortion.
And fewer still have balls to say impeach me
And those who do just lack the length to reach me.
Minority is still the smaller portion.

And right on cue, to offer some distraction,
I’ll send some troops to start some Saudi Action.


Giuliani is all that we feared.
His approach to truth is multi-tiered.
He’ll admit, then deny,
Proffer rumors, then lie,
And beyond all of that he’s just weird.


Climate Change is a given for most,
Tho’ them old white republicans boast
That they neither believe
Nor look on and grieve
As our kids slowly turn into toast.


A young activist, name of Greta,
Advocates climate action mo’ betta
Than the plans I’m supposing
The U.N.’s proposing
To confront this looming global threat-a.


We must preserve the checks and balances
We must restore our Nation’s public trust
Re-earn a faith long warped by rot and rust,
And see what lurks behind the valences.

For finally Pelosi says “let’s roll”,
And some will ask why did she wait so long
While others, angry patriots, gone wrong
In MAGA madness, know God’s in control.

Four-hundred million dollars worth of aid
Were dangled by one seeking reelection
What spin or twists of truth can give protection
To one who’s very country has been played.

The transcript may reveal what Trump’s hidin’
In dealin’ for the Ukraine dirt on Biden.


Those “talking points” lie with such style.
Their arrival made Democrats smile.
So now as Trump burns,
Some White House aide learns
The dangers of hitting “reply all”


From darkness comes

A hopeful glint

The refreshing taste




This impeachment has caused quite a scare.
It has Donald pulling his hair.
However it ends,
How nice he has friends
Like binSalmon and Putin,
Giuliani, Rasputin,
Lewandowski and Wayne LaPierre.


In all this scandalous investigatin’
Let’s check the major players that we’ll find:
A part-time envoy who has just resigned,
A wide-eyed, rambling latter-day Tom Hagen,

Two Presidents – one of them once a comic,
The other, sadly funny without tryin’,
An AG who upheld his boss by lyin,
But now avoids all contact telephonic,

A whistleblower (name is still unknown),
Some Congress folk who paused from noble goals
To focus on their standing in the polls,
And all the folks Don talked to on the phone.

But if impeachment has no wind for sails,
We’ll just get stuck with Hillary emails.


When President Trump has departed,
When we clean up the messes he started,
When Mitch has set sail,
And their friends land in jail,
We can ask ourselves, “Who the hell farted?”

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