July, 2020


The Doctor, as cliché as it may seem,
Appeared to her quite clearly in a dream.
And in that deep, subconscious sanctity,
He offered Sacred Synchronicity.

Archetypal, this, forever to be fated
The image that she faithfully related:
Trapped in a vat of filth, immense and vile,
And he, holding her down all of the while.

What painful truth could e’er be justified
How could could her anguish lead to strength inside
And suddenly, as if she always knew –
The forward path does not lead out, but through.

Don’t quote me, as I’m not the one who knows.
But I believe that’s how the story goes.


It’s kind of a sad thing to see
Going on in our Land of the Free.
But his words and his deeds
All suggest that he leads
The Southern Confederacy.


An asset for Trump in the race,
Cain stood out, but still knew his place.
Yet he paid a high price
Cuz he knows it’s not nice
For a black man to cover his face.


A troubling, uneasy celebration
With fireworks and timely photo ops
Brings clouds of pepper spray and lots of cops.
Divisive words for our divided nation

Crowds gathering salute our independence.
No masks, no separation. No big deal.
But still the existential threat is real
Sad, Kim and Junior won’t be in attendance.

Those truths we hold to be self-evident
Seem mostly for elites beyond a wall.
If our sweet justice doesn’t stand for all,
They’re empty words with hollow sentiment.

May we find cause to lift our hearts today.
Tomorrow seems so very far away.


Donald Trump sez that he’s had his fill
Of the Radical Left and their swill:
Equality, health,
Distribution of wealth,
And perhaps maybe cops who don’t kill.


Lots of rockers have made it quite plain:
Keep our music out of your campaign
But Kid Rock says OK,
Like Pat Boone & Kanye.
And Ted Nugent sure wouldn’t complain.


Poor Donald is singing the blues.
He fell out of love with Fox News.
With his dip in their polls
He tweets and he trolls.
Newsmax has the truth he can use.


Donald Trump has a niece, name of Mary
Who paints us a picture quite scary.
A stern father’s wrath
Begets sociopath.
Dysfunctional family? Yes, very.


The Supremes said: Enough with this dance.
Hand your tax records over to Vance.
Did campaigning monies
Help quiet some Honeys
When Trump tried to get in their pants?


The dire warnings from the CDC
Downplayed and set aside by Trump and Pence
To urge the weary masses to agree
With faith and instinct over evidence.

Guidelines and cautions daily getting blurred.
Reopen doors of bars and halls of learning.
The logic of exposing to the herd
Akin to celebrating Rome is burning.

Fifty-seven thousand daily cases.
A broken rudder. No one at the helm.
A nation filled with angry, anguished faces.
Thin line of heroes, stuck on overwhelm.

Each day this fetid toxic mix,
A blending of disease and politics


The man with Nixon tattooed on his back
Is back.



A rabid trickster, decades on the scene.
A mouthpiece for the global ill-repute.
This anarchist inside a fancy suit.
Deny, attack, destroy is the routine.

No need for ethics here. No bottom line.
Draw power from black arts and superstition,
Plant stories, bribe the opposition.
These tactics fit our president just fine.

Obstruction. Lying. Tampering with witnesses
Play politics more like performance art
Creative ruthlessness right from the start.
The wreckage leaves no doubt who’s hit this is.

“Ratf—king” champion, clear and undisputed.
And now, with deepest gratitude, commuted.


That DeVos is just one brilliant chick.
For teachers & kids, she’s a pick!
When school starts this fall,
There’s no plan at all,
Except go back to school and get sick.


How much is a vacation worth
Where a virus hot-spot can give birth.
Please don’t you get sick-y
When visiting Mickey
At “The Happiest Place on Earth”. ™


Poor Donald has faced so much trauma.
He prob’ly was dropped by his mama.
Psychological pain
Is how to explain
His blaming COVID on Obama.


While more and more people are dyin’
Ol’ Donnie just keeps up his lyin’.
His poll numbers? Ouchie!
Hey, time to blame Fauci!
Ya can’t blame a grifter for tryin’.


There’s no sign of cures or vaccines.
We’re losing our ways and our means.
Tho our country is hurtin’
He’ll make time for certain
To pose with a desk, full of beans.


Sharecroppers’ son. A giant of a man.
A Freedom rider, battered for the cause,
And yet for over fifty years, no pause.
Was on the scene when Civil Rights began.

For justice, over forty times arrested
In Congress, spoke for those who had no voice
That Bloody Sunday left him little choice
Til those who’d subjugate were fin’ally bested.

From busses and lunch counters segregated,
Stood tall through all the change that would occur
White hoods and billy clubs would not deter.
He saw Obama get inaugurated.

Conscience. Courage. A Legend Life worth noting.
A privilege to honor it by voting.


On Fox, Trump has made it quite clear:
The virus will soon disappear.
Case numbers – inflated.
Concern – overrated.
Let’s vote this guy out on his rear.


From the streets of Portland to the border
Trump crows about his Law & Order.
The Gestapo is creeping.
Lady Justice is weeping
And only the rich can afford her.


In a move that’s quaintly idiotic,
Trump tweets that masks are Patriotic.
I mean, yeah, well, how great,
But five months too late.
His delay was just slightly psychotic.


There once were three guys from Fox News.
With women, they’d do what they’d choose.
The case taking shape
Is harassment and rape,
Behavior we cannot excuse.


O, Portland, Albuquerque, Kansas City.
Chicago & New York. Oakland & Philly.
Domestic troop deployment’s never pretty.
Tear-gassing moms is dangerous and silly.

Depending on which narrative you choose,
Thug anarchy, or peaceful demonstrations,
A country with its very soul to lose
Resembles far more dictatory nations.

Trump’s gauntlet thrown to Democratic mayors
While broader issues languish on the shelf
Now, funded by its very own taxpayers,
America declares war on itself.

Yet from the hopeless middle of it all,
Rejoice to finally hear the words “Play Ball!!”


The Lincoln speech that every child knew
Began, “Four score and seven years ago”.
The words of JFK still echo low –
“Ask not what your country can do for you”.

Young Washington spoke words that made it clear,
Refreshingly, “I cannot tell a lie”.
With cigarette and twinkle in his eye,
Proud Truman would declare “The buck stops here”.

Said Roosevelt, from every his’try book:
“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”
And even Nixon speaks out from the shelf
With his declaring “I am not a crook”.

Now Trump’s five genius words we get to see:
“Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”


From Covid, to uses of force,
Your tactics are hard to endorse.
Stop making a mess.
Quit your job and de-stress.
Grab your balls and get on the golf course.


Events escalating, evolving.
Our less-better selves are involving.
So little good news.
One thing we could use
Is a role model in problem solving.


There once was a Florida Gov.
In Donnie he found his true love.
He opened too quickly.
Many people got sickly.
So much for advice from above.


The world has us behind a wall.
We’re teargassing moms at the mall.
This disease is unchecked.
Our economy? Wrecked.
Maybe things are not “Great” after all.


Bill Barr’s a cantankerous cuss.
At the hearings he’s raised quite a fuss.
He knows to his core
Who he’s working for
And it sure in the Hell ain’t for us.


The election? Trump wants to postpone it.
Tho Congress sure wouldn’t condone it.
It seems every day
He finds a new way
To take our great country and bone it.


Some under-aged girls were abused.
Ghislaine Maxwell has been accused.
Trump wishes her well.
Are there stories to tell.
Are they friends or is he just confused.

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