October, 2020


Good people are wondering why
Donald told the Proud Boys to stand by.
He’d rather you bleed
Than to ever concede.
Dear God, what a pip of a guy.


What does the future hold, what does it mean
To spend such energy poo-pooing masks
While tending to fundraising rally tasks,
And now you find yourself in quarantine.

Drown out the experts. Elevate the quacks.
Downplay it and dismiss it as a hoax
Use victims as the butt of your sad jokes
The virus doesn’t care who it attacks.

Make pouty faces. Hurl your insults.
Pretend to all the world that you’re immune
They’ve seen. They know you’re just a big buffoon.
Shut up, go home & wait for the results.

It’s said the symptoms can be quite infernal.
You’re positive, but hey – Hope springs Eternal.


Submitted at this time for your approval:
A man indulged in risk and spreading lies
Airlifted for his care before our eyes.
Ten more so far with quarantined removal.

The new Rose Garden dared reveal its thorn.
As social Senators and staff got pricked
When Trump announced that Barrett was his pick.
Mixed feelings here within a nation torn.

We’ll push on through says Mitch McConnell, scoffing.
The vote will come as planned – no need to fear.
How fitting he’s pretending not to hear
The sound of more committee members coughing.

A new dimension far beyond the known
A far-off place we call…
The Twilight Zone


Our President’s had quite a scare.
Walter Reed – yeah, it’s good that he’s there.
No time for the flu,
He’s got work to do –
Like gutting Affordable Care.


Donald Trump just did something outrageous.
He went out for a drive while contagious.
Was he breathing toward
Secret Service on board?
Well, I hope that they’re making good wages.


Triumphant in return he mounts the stair.
A stop. A photo-op. Mask off with flair.
He stares the virus in the eye and wins.
Round Two of staff infection now begins.

Salute the docs who brought about this day
With care beyond what we could ever pay
Salute the magic raft of drugs they used
That may leave him unstable and confused.

And now he’s back at work, signing and tweeting
Three days after he gave Covid a beating
Salute the man himself. He’s at his peak.
I guess the folks who died were just too weak.

How will this drama play on the election
The Legend of Trump’s Covid Resurrection.


The man is a walking insult.
So evil, he’s almost occult.
I’ve no shits to give.
His sole positive:
His own recent COVID result.


Trump’s disasters Pence chose to ignore,
Spouting fear for what Joe has in store.
The distortions he spread
Made the fly on his head
A pungently apt metaphor.


There once was an angry armed crew
That plotted a Michigan coup.
Drag the Gov out the door,
Incite Civil War.
No bitch gon’ tell them what to do.


Bill Barr has his loyalty tested.
With all of the time he’s invested,
Obama and Biden
And Clinton’s still hidin’.
Drag ‘em out and let’s have ‘em arrested!


Without me and my small but iron fist,
Your life as you once knew it will go blammo.
You’ll lose your Christian churches and your ammo.
Your nation will become a Socialist.

For Biden and his monster running mate,
Beholden to dark forces pulling strings,
Will bring to our Republic, awful things.
Undoing all I did to make it great.

It’s not about the money that I owe,
Or what I’ll face if I’m not re-elected,
Or issues in my tax returns, detected.
It’s love of God and Country, don’t you know.

Our Law & Order president has spoken,
But not about the laws he might have broken.


And finally the last 100 days.
Our countdown to the next inauguration.
Four years, whole lifetimes, passed within our nation,
And change – evolved; imposed – in countless ways.

A country rended by conflicting facts,
And seasons of great floods followed by fire
The temperature of escalating ire
With punctuating bloody, random acts.

This gravity of systems in collapse
Spurred onward by a madman at the wheel
A pestilence that many doubt is real
While far too many battle over scraps.

His tenure brought us so much unexpected.
What would be now had he not been elected.


Judge Barrett is one righteous chick.
A Republican Values hat trick.
Most women can see
She’s no RBG.
They’ll be barefoot and pregnant and sick.


How joyous to go thru a day
That balanced out work rest and play,
Then raising a toast
To the all-too-rare boast
Neither COVID nor Donald held sway.


Intelligent and poised. Outstanding dancer.
Her deft responses cool, too cool perhaps
This dream come true for textualist chaps
Unspoken knowns in what she would not answer.

The smugness from the ones who hold the aces.
While others question with dire predictions.
Past writings indicate her predilections,
But not a word was heard from her on cases.

Perhaps when faith and truth become so certain,
A truth that lay beyond becomes obscured,
So measured in injustices endured
By those who cannot see behind the curtain.

America could end up very odd
Were she to use her robes to serve her God.


At the Town Hall, that president guy
Yelled a lot and told lie after lie.
Our foul orange knave
Crowed about a red wave.
It’s a wave alright. Waving goodbye.


Cal fires are brutally tough.
Getting money to fight them is rough.
They’re torching our land
But talk to the hand
Because Gav didn’t grovel enough.


It’s a challenging time for our nation.
Altogether, a sad situation.
Every headline I read
Seems to tragically lead
To an ad for another donation.


Four years ago we saw a loser win.
The true majority, it did not rule.
A process artly gamed to our chagrin,
And since that time has played us for a fool.

Pulled out of balance by a loud extreme,
A center skewed past any recognition.
But notice, as before, behind the scene,
The profit takers clutching the ignition.

Trump’s real brand is not conservatism
It’s taking taking taking taking taking
The selfish piss of fire on the schism
And sick delight in witnessing the breaking.

Let’s end this poison game that he’s begun.
Our crazy uncle’s had far too much fun.


On health, Trump is truly a master.
Covid’s hitting more frequent and faster.
While just as expected,
Science gets rejected,
And he sez Fauci’s the disaster.


An epidemic at the border
From Trump’s imposition of order –
Of kids separated
From parents, it’s stated.
(Over 500, says a reporter).


Iran better leave us alone.
They’ve meddled with voters, it’s shown.
Sending threats, sowing doubt –
Guess they haven’t found out –
We’re screwing up fine on our own.


Neither one of them came off unkind.
They both kicked a little behind.
Some facts got refuted,
Nobody got muted,
And no one is changing their mind.


There are some who may look askance
At a recently filmed circumstance:
A hotel, a bed,
An old man misled,
And Rudy with hand in his pants.


Despite all the problems about,
Beyond a scintilla if doubt,
After four years of grief,
We’ll taste some relief,
The moment that we vote him out.


The questions, he was warned, they would be tough.
The leader of the free world couldn’t take it.
The lights too bright to even let him fake it,
He stopped and said “I think we have enough”

A tantrum as he pouts and takes a walk
Fake news in all its bias, hatred, rudeness.
No Hannity softballs for Orange Dudeness.
He tells the woman “that’s no way to talk”

How sad the free press leaves him little choice.
Defensively, he’ll lie, distort, discredit.
He didn’t say it even if he said it.
It’s Social Media that gives him voice.

And after Leslie’s interview goes south,
Pence lectures us from both sides of his mouth


It appears that decisions are nearing
With results Democrats are all fearing.
Soon enough we’ll find out
Her opinions about
Things she wouldn’t discuss at the hearing.


Who knows if it’s talent or luck
Or willingness to spend a buck
Whatever the reason
This crazy-ass season
Big deal. The Dodgers still suck.


They say these men created what we see –
His father, yes. And Norman Vincent Peale.
That snake Roy Cohn – his influence, so real.
Observe the marks upon him from the three.

No mercy in attacks or accusations.
Deny and counter. Leave the bloody scars.
This from Roy Cohn, witch hunter to the stars,
Who spread his AIDS through countless assignations.

And father Fred, another of the pillars.
He taught Don well: do what it takes to win.
To show a weakness is the only sin.
For in this world, there’s losers and there’s killers.

These two perspectives have so much to give
Wrapped in the pow’r of thinking positive.


An Omaha sight to behold:
Trump supporters left out in the cold.
They wait for a bus,
He leaves without fuss,
And that’s why they love him, we’re told.


When our nation’s economy’s swell,
Trump will tell ya that he made it jell.
With relief checks delayed,
And the stock market frayed,
The credit is his there as well.

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