April, 2020


So many dishes for this Feast of Fools
A never-ending smorgasbord of jest
Unending day, you put us to the test
The cruelty of your pranking breaks the rules.

The set-up of delay and disbelief
Colossal hoax of swift and global reach
Trumped up by those who lead, inform, and preach
And then the payoff steeped in loss and grief.

Our streets, our homes, our businesses, our lives,
Our every stripe of human interaction,
Our normal past so slowly loses traction
‘Til ending of this curs’ed joke arrives.

May sadness, fear and loss all be reversed
In health and joy beyond this April First.


New millions of folks unemployed
Small nest eggs are getting destroyed
The ruling class waits
Behind their locked gates.
On the streets, when will folks get annoyed…


Hobby Lobby is open. Let’s go!
The virus can’t get there, you know?
The place is essential
Safely reverential
At least God told the owner’s wife so.


Mike Atkinson. Give him a hand.
As Inspector Gen., he was grand.
Gave Congress the spiel
On Trump’s Ukraine deal
And for doing his job, just got canned.


As The State tells us how to behave
And from six feet apart we all wave
It’s sad not to be
In the Land of the Free,
Quarantined in the Home of the Brave.


Each day, a new, unprecedented now,
With friends and family all in isolation
In disbelief we share our situation
As aching hearts obsess on why and how.

Our leaders hollow words bring scant relief
Advice and guidelines seem to daily change
As still, solutions, vague and out of range
Leave far too many lost in loss and grief.

Now daybreak’s stark return into the madness
As each will find their way not out, but through,
Perhaps a time to touch what else is true
For love and hope live side by side with sadness.

Beyond the great uncertainties we’re seeing
Please, find the simple, complex joy of being.


You could suck at your work,
An incompetent jerk,
With an absence of qualifications.

Your habits, disgust. Tell a lie, break a trust,
With an eye on more dark machinations

You can live as a fake
Who is just on the take.
Dig up women who’s children
You’ve sired.

You can fuck, break or lose
Any damned thing you choose,
But make me look bad, and
You’re fired.

For an ill-mannered fop
Can go straight to the top
If he cops to who’s bottom he’s kissin’

He can rob, steal or plunder,
Rip values asunder
And make his opponents go missin’.

If you lack the right stuff
But you donate enough,
You can brag to the world that you’re wired.

All the evidence shows
That I’m not wearing clothes,
But make me look bad, and
You’re fired.


Wisconsin postponing elections
Offered residents there some protections.
But Repubs wouldn’t budge
Cuz of some right wing judge.
Hey, voting should not cause infections


Thanks Bernie. Ya know ya done good.
You gave the race all that you could.
I don’t mind confidin’
I ain’t loving Biden,
But on voting day, yeah, sure, I would.


Social distance may ward off infection,
And shutdowns may offer protection,
But with poll numbers dropping,
Reopen! Go shopping!
And help out with Trump’s re-election.


This virus, It gimme the blues.
Everywhere I look – perilous views.
But if I want to feel
It ain’t no big deal,
I guess I should go watch Fox News.


Something new that has never been shared:
Fifty states have disaster declared.
I ask just for fun
How we might have done
With a leader who act’ually cared.


Just yesterday, so very long ago,
Those lives we led, abruptly put on hold
As stunned we watched, too quickly to unfold
An unexpected, frightening tableau.

A painful truth on every empty shelf
Confronting all who must do more with less.
This richest nation humbled to confess
America cannot care for itself.

The Front Line – ever brave, dependable,
Who pick & pack, replenish and deliver,
And every scared and unequipped caregiver,
This sickness renders all expendable.

Someday when this is over, may we see
What this great nation truly wants to be.


The election would not be postponed
Putting voters at risk and rezoned
It was voter suppression
By the high court in session
But the guys on the right still got boned.


No fake news here. Not even anecdotal.
“We’re gonna write some papers up on this”.
He claims this in his dictatory bliss:
The president’s authority is total.

So now let Barr write up some resolution.
“It’s total and the governors know that”.
Says bully demagogic spoiled brat.
The Donald’s will transcends the Constitution

A game of quid pro quo before our eyes.
States’ rights mean squat if you want help from me.
No science in my Land of the Free,
But policies of politics and lies.

So do it now. I’ll get permission later
Says he who puts the dick inside dictator.


Hey Congress – it’s time to adjourn
To give Trump appointees their turn.
Testing is outdated,
Oversight’s overrated,
And Donald’s got money to burn.


The Corona Virus can kill
I hope that it won’t make you ill.
What Fauci advisest
It’s prob’ly the wisest,
And not so much from Dr. Phil.


He claims total control of the nation,
Then lets states plan their own situation,
Then he foments unrest
Putting them to the test,
Tweeting for premature “liberation”.


Protesting the virus restrictions
Shows the courage of ones convictions.
In leaving their quarters,
Masses of Trump supporters
May result in their own life evictions.


In some circles, 4/20 is known
As the day to go roll up a bone.
But these days, alas,
Don’t “puff, puff, & pass”.
Just stay home and smoke it alone.


The Democrat gov’ners get chided.
And the caution of science derided.
Narcissistic and petty,
What makes him all sweaty
Is keeping our nation divided.


With this mandated shutdown, I’m through!
There’s things of great import to do!
And as things unravel,
To Georgia I’ll travel,
Go bowling, and get a tattoo.


A pandemic Task Force’s leader
Was a trusted aide. What could be sweeter.
His skill set was big
From his previous gig
As a Dallas Labradoodle breeder.


Beware the cures of anti-science meddlers
Avoid elixirs from snake-oil peddlers
Keep rumored cures, untested, out of reach
And never inject alcohol or bleach.

In days of desperation, it’s expectant
That some consider drinking disinfectant
But please to keep in mind one truth for sure
That presently for death there is no cure.

It’s sad to think a president’s suggestion
Could lead to something worse than indigestion.
Far from a doctor, clear and plain to see
But still the pow’r to fire them on TV.

And yet for some his ignorance is bliss.
And in that lies the How We Came To This.


A virus is plaguing the nation
Infecting the whole population
A long list of ills
Vomit, fever and chills
The symptoms of Trump Saturation.


Trump’s ongoing battle with WHO,
Blaming them for what he did not do,
Shows his sad defiance
Of facts based in science
Over things that he’d rather be true.


Mitch McConnell, that Simon Legree,
Claims that States should declare bankruptcy.
He thinks that it’s swell
For he knows it quite well
As he already is, morally.


Bolsonaro, the thug of Brazil.
Forever, his hand in the till.
Corrupt to the core
Just looking to score
Trump is somewhat better, but still…


To not wear a mask is quite tempting.
But for virus containment attempting,
We really all should
For the common good.
(Except Pence, whom God is exempting.)


It’s enough to disquiet the mind
When you look at the news you can find
But that’s what you’ve got
When the Media’s bought
By rich folks with axes to grind.

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