October, 2017

Don’t you kneel, you black football player!
You’re just lazy, you brown San Juan Mayor!
I tweet these, of course,
As I stroll my golf course.
It just sucks that life is not fai-r.

Of the new gun bill I am somewhat wary.
Good for silencers and concealed carry.
Bars, churches and schools!
Angry drunks, jerks and fools!
Why does Liberty have to be scary.

Yesterday, a new friend said she’d choose
Not to download or read any news.
I don’t want to sound sappy,
But she seemed so damned happy.
How I wish I could walk in her shoes.

Again. And on the heels of more disaster.
The words the next breath brings we’ve heard before,
The useless thoughts and prayers and tears, and more
Debate, but coming at us colder, harder, faster.

And just beneath, the posts of darker whys:
False flag brigades, deep state satanic sources
Attached to theories Alex Jones endorses.
Still, for each bullet another mother cries.

On top of this, the 700 Club
Says Vegas is the price for disrespect.
Pat Robertson. What else would you expect.
That some believe this. Therein lies the rub.

On top of that, what bad new laws were born
In Congress, while the rest took time to mourn.

There’s no water or power or supper.
Scant relief from some rusty old scupper.
No one knows what to do
‘til our Hero comes through
Bearing Brawny, the Quicker Picker-Upper™.

As we’re jolted from crisis to crisis,
And debate all the Bad Karma prices,
I felt my heart sink
When I came to a link
That the CIA founded ISIS.

Thanks to blind faith and studies proved shoddy,
Our government’s now playing god-dy.
These men have decided
What can be provided.
Politicizing the female body.

The US court system is great!
All of Trumps judge appointments first rate!
After years of stonewalling,
Foot dragging and stalling,
You’ll do fine if you’re rich, white and straight.

So what kind of stunt would you call
Pence’s walk-out on Niner football.
The sideline genuflect
Only throws disrespect.
At our sad lack of justice for all.

You can argue about things elective.
Go on Facebook and hurl invective.
Finger point, and lay blame,
Until acres of flame
Come, and put things in proper perspective.

All this talk of unwanted advances.
These are rapes and assaults, not romances.
What inside us could say
That this shit is ok.
Be polite, and just leave on your pants-es.

So in the air, the ash of what once stood.
I breathe the dust of things that now are gone.
I have no rhymes today. They do no good.
I pray you find the strength to carry on.

An overloaded matrix of disaster.
At loss to figure what to say or do.
As Jung once wisely said, “not out, but through”
But how, when each betrayal happens faster.

How hard to let one’s heart serve as one’s guide
With those around you pushing towards the fight,
In proud confusion, seeing dark as light.
Make haste to push against this bleeding tide.

While at the top, the greedy choice in fashion:
Take all you can. Be fearless. Screw the rest.
All but the Number Ones are losers in this test.
No. Help me always move toward compassion.

And if then I must go down with the ship,
The Love Boat’s where I choose to make the trip.

Oh Donald, that Jolly Old Elf.
Puts compassion far back on the shelf.
If Congress won’t dare
Kill Affordable Care,
He damned well will do it himself.

While NewsGossip offers distraction,
His horridly flawed plans gain traction.
Says he hates those around him.
In the bathroom they found him
Tweeting out his smug self-satisfaction.

I’ll admit that I’ve oft been a fan
Of the work of Nancy and Dianne
But the health of our nation
Needs a new generation
Because “more of the same”‘s not the plan.

I’ve advanced in the spirit of play,
Though I’ve stopped when I’ve heard someone say
“No, I’ve had quite enough”.
Being female’s tough.
I’ve read too many “me too’s” today.

So you spent middle age in repose
Till one day something strange hit your nose.
Then you pondered the range
Of the things that could change
As you stood on your roof with a hose.

I am troubled that it’s been detected
That kickbacks and bribes were suspected
For America’s store
Of uranium ore
Long before 45 got elected.

The safety net cuts are extensive.
The kleptocracy’s reach is extensive.
Get with it you guys.
You must realize
That empathy’s too damned expensive.

At the DNC, progressives were slighted,
While the lobbyist pros were invited.
Superdelegates stacked
With corporate hacks.
What a party! And we’re not invited.

The battles between Red and Blue.
Causing damage so hard to undo.
While sinister forces
Are plotting their courses
Towards Civil War or a Coup.

So many facts lie beyond reach.
Some day, what will history teach?
From election meddling,
To influence peddling,
To who pays half-a-mil for s speech.

The Trump and Bob Corker Tweet Duel
Is a fire, with both adding fuel.
“Debasing”, “unstable”,
“Dangerous” and “unable”
Too late, Bob. But still – kinda cool.

With Jeff Flake’s announcement last night,
He and Corker chose quit over fight.
Trump is far from annoyed –
Happy to fill the void
With Steve Bannon’s Angry New Right.

One-thousand, one hundred and eighty-two
Days until the next inauguration.
Each one a slightly downward calibration,
And “greatness” in retreat for but a few.

With shallow focus – symbols, shams and slights
Obscure our 3-card Monte economics,
Still seeking truths from late night network comics,
While sell-outs legislate away our rights.

My lovely wife will sigh and say “how bleak”.
But just above the politics of rage,
That sacred space where we can still engage
Where those who harbor hope can dare to speak.

Beyond the endless ever-breaking news,
Fear or Joy – it’s up to you to choose.

This decision jars me to my core.
I know what the FCC stood for.
Thanks a heap, Chairman Pai –
You sold us out, guy.
The Public’s airwaves? Hah. No more.

So what do these documents say
Of the FBI and CIA.
A dark piece of history
Still, eclipsed by the mystery
Of what they are up to today.

Want politics? Please change the station.
This Sunday my mind’s on vacation.
Relaxing is tough.
I’ll be back soon enough
With more rhymes on what’s plaguing our nation.

Few would say that our government’s healthy.
Dirty deals – both up-front and stealth-y.
They won’t teach or cure ya,
But still reassure ya
What ya need are tax cuts for the wealthy.

We’ve such a Haunted House this Halloween.
Each room presents a new and dark excitement
Who’s next to feel the horror of indictment.
Or scream as dredged up scandals make the scene.

The monsters here? Abusive predators.
And climate-changing billionaire polluters
Look out! Here comes the lone-nut Active Shooters!
Amidst the groans of Zombie Senators.

Those aren’t ghosts parading in those sheets.
The fires they carry ain’t for toasting s’mores.
Still, at the top, in our White House of Horrors
The Great Pumpkin doles out his Trick-or-Tweets.

Why must reality be so full of fright.
I hope you all have silly fun tonight.


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