November, 2017

Chief of Staff John Kelly has shown
From the lessons of his’try, we’ve grown.
For to him, fair and wise
Would reach compromise
On how much of a man one could own.

The World Series wrapped up yesterday.
Great games! Great excitement! Great play!
Sincere congratulation
To the the best in the nation,
What ever team just BEAT LA.

Revelations from Donna Brazile
Say the Primary was rigged for Hil,
And the Clinton Campaign
Bought their DNC reign.
Which all may not be crimes, but still…

Let go of the past? Yes. We should.
For it’s here in the now, that we could
See and then act
Against those who detract
From the things that serve our Common Good.

Despite all their billions invested,
It looks like some powers have crested.
A Saudi eruption
Cracks down on corruption,
And dozens of Princes, arrested

Over 60 of our Navy’s Brass,
Plied with booze, favors, parties and ass.
While one man made killings
In contract over-billings
But it’s all for Defense. So: Pass.

– with apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson –

How would you like to get shot in a church,
With your mother or daughter or spouse.
There are some who would say it’s a fortunate thing
Because you’re in Jesus’ house.

How nice to be killed by a guy who is white –
A soul who’s just mad and depressed –
Expressing America’s right to bear arms,
Instead of some brown terrorist.

We drag out the same tired script once again
To the next shattered city or town
And then in a flash, bullets flying again.
Up in the air.
And down.

I deeply and sadly remember
How I felt on this day, last November.
But now, happy faces.
Because of the races
Won by the Donkey contender.

There’s rumors of documents, sealed.
Within them what truths get revealed?
Such bloody excitements
For high-level indictments.
I listen, and keep my eyes peeled.

In his 30’s, we hear that Roy Moore
With a 14-year old tried to score.
If a man wants a date
In the South, he don’t wait.
So please tell me – what’s the uproar?

I cannot have you – you are not mine to have
But still I use your hand to touch my crotch
The things that I will do and make you watch
Then in this potted plant release my salve.

How can I do what you would not allow
Where does it say that this is how it works.
Why did I get the penis and the perks
When did you say the time for change is now.

Where in this phrase does my “I’m sorry” live.
For what’s been done, or just that I got caught,
Since finally no more silence could be bought.
And could you ever get to “I forgive”.

Beyond the urge, beyond the ducking blame,
May I live long enough to know my shame.

An Alabam’ lawyer named Brett,
A blogger and NRA pet.
Not a case has he tried.
Rated “unqualified”
Thanks to Trump, that’s the justice we get.

Doubts his country’s intel more than Vlad.
Likes to think not all Nazis are bad.
Says Duterte’s a pip,
Loved his China golf trip.
What a fine judge of character. Sad.

If protecting the environment’s the goal,
And patching up the ozone hole,
Slashing carbon emission
Is a right noble mission.
There ain’t no such thing as “clean coal”.

For peace and for joy I keep rooting.
But to sadness and doubt I keep scooting.
How bitter bile tastes
When Trump cuts and pastes
His regrets for another school shooting.

I think too much wealth is obscene.
And pursuit of it can turn one mean.
The Free Press will fail
When the truth is for sale –
Like the Kochs buying Time Magazine.

The one-thousand one-hundred and sixtieth day –
A trophy suitable for hanging on the wall
Just take the tusks, and leave ’em where they fall.
A snapshot smile where justice, bleeding, lay

next to the pipeline – 5,000 barrels leaking
crude into the sacred healing waters.
A gift to our Dakota sons and daughters
Byproducts of the profits some are seeking

with tax bills crafted well behind closed doors,
So no one knows for sure what lies within
Except that One-Percent will surely win,
And those who profit as we gird for war.

And for dessert, Al Franken cops a feel.
Each day it seems – a little more surreal.

Each day, there’s a brand new accuser
Calling out one more sad groping loser.
Truly shocking to see.
But the worst one for me?
Scott Pruitt, Mother Earth’s great abuser.

The Mafia Don “Toto” is done.
A bloody 87-year run.
With few repentances,
Got 26 life sentences,
But still only had to serve one.

I reflect on the hearts that have bled.
Frozen eyes. Twisted cross on his head.
The lives that were wasted,
The fear that was tasted,
And rejoice: Charles Manson is dead.

Thanks to actions all lewd, crude and rude,
Other headlines are getting subdued –
Bad judges get vested,
Reporters arrested,
And middle class taxpayers, screwed.

He fondled her from where he sat.
Just a child. More than once. Just like that.
Removed twice from the bench.
He’s corruption’s own stench.
But he still ain’t no damned Democrat.

To bask in the colors of Fall
With a nod to life’s joys, great and small.
Set aside matters hateful,
Embracing the grateful
With a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

It’s Black Friday today so go buy!
The chances for bargains are high
But whatever you steal
Won’t be like the deal
That Flynn wants from the FBI.

Today, reflections on a pile of rhymes.
Since March, two-hundred fifty more or less.
Each day a brief perspective on this mess –
A chronicle of “interesting times”

The sad parade of cabinet appointments
Between the killing storms and storming killers,
And those who only seek to rock the pillars
Bestowing new and heartless disappointments.

But taken as a whole, this blinding whirl,
Our whiplash tour from stage to stage to stage
Serves many different flavors of outrage,
And yet more ways to say “hey look – a squirrel”.

How often are responses manufactured
By those who wish to see the masses fractured.

Treat The Net like a Public Utility!
Large and small deserve equal agility!
So I wrote Chairman Pai.
Said “Don’t sell us out, guy!”
You should too, perhaps not in futility.

Though for now, the pages won’t show it,
The reporters and writers all know it.
Half a billion in cash
From the Koch brothers stash,
Spells the end of TIME (mag) as we know it.

Who’s running the CFPB?
I hope not the Trump appointee.
Protect the consumer?
No he won’t. That’s the rumor.
Bad news, this Mick Mulvaney.

Among all our elites, there’s no savior.
Far too many act boorish and knave-ier
Flawed Heroes. It’s tough.
But I’ve had quite enough
Inappropriate sexual behavior.

Those Korean tests are quite foreboding.
“Rocket Man”‘s seeking nuclear loading.
The risk of our nation
Glowing from radiation
Is not helped by Trump’s twitterfest goading.

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