August, 2020


“President Trump”. Not the wisest of men.
Is he leaving? O God, tell me when.
May the day please draw near
When we won’t have to hear
Those two words together again.

(Not my best rhyme, but straight from the heart.)


The election, it keeps drawing nearer.
It’s results, day by day, getting clearer.
It’s sad and a shame
How he tosses the blame
At all except who’s in the mirror.


That Kushner’s a bit of a dick.
He dropped plans to test pretty quick.
In giving the screw
To states colored Blue
He’s letting their people get sick.


John Lewis? Trump says that he knew him.
But he can’t say how his’try will view him.
“The facts are the facts.
I’ve done more for Blacks,
And he skipped my inauguration. So screw him.”


Earth in upheaval
City of death and debris
This was once Beirut


False claims that should not be repeated
Led to Trump postings getting deleted.
Kids get the disease,
And can spread it with ease.
Two facts that he has not conceded.


With boundless lies and trademark baseless claims
Trump’s Cleveland show was long on passing blames
In lacking tools for cleaning up his mess,
He lashed at Biden, calling him Godless.

By stoking fears and smearing reputation,
Poured salt upon our sad and wounded nation,
Then offered up himself as the salvation
For clueless blunders of his own creation.

Trump’s fawning donor, now the new postmaster
Sets up the USPS for disaster
As sorting, staff and service take a beating
The deck is getting stacked to win by cheating.

These days the Oval Office really stinks.
This weekend he’ll get fresh air on the links.


A Georgia girl’s school day was ended
When a picture she posted offended.
Crowded halls, no face covered,
Lax enforcement discovered,
And for telling the truth got suspended.


A postmaster, name of DeJoy
Is showing that he is Trump’s boy.
A massive staff shuffle
And structure kerfuffle,
A blatant election-time ploy.


His deferring taxes is clever.
But defunding Medicare? Never!
Since sent here by Jesus,
He does what he pleases,
This whiniest Presidebt ever.


Good news? I’d say it’s a day for it.
So what does our Prez have to say for it?
“I have strong belief
In virus relief,
And I’m going to make the States pay for it!”


An Oakland girl, diverse and brilliant core
Her law career began as prosecutor
(Yes, Willie Brown was on the scene as suitor)
Her first campaign showed Hallinan the door

The DA years were left with mixed repute
Intelligent, articulate and strong
As time would show, occasionally wrong
Mnuchin she declined to prosecute

But took on Sessions, Kavanaugh and Biden
A nasty one, our president would note
Not many problems going for the throat
Now may she call him out on what he’s hidin’

Let’s see what Democrats will be investing
Today we saw the race get interesting.


Reported in Iowa quarters:
DeJoy has removed mail sorters
A sad spirit-dampening,
This blatant vote tampering
Within our American borders.


Reality’s easy to see –
Elections are still fair and free.
In person, by mail,
No voter will fail
As long as their vote is for he.


One-hundred and fifty-eight days remain
Until we see the next inauguration.
A gauntlet of a summer’s conflagration
And then a chance to vote away our pain.

Four years we’ve stoked the whims of Don the Con
A smorgasbord of selfishness and greed
All garnished by the hearts of those in need.
O, but to celebrate when he is gone.

A menace who ignores a nation’s pleading
While narrowing the pathways of dissent
Inspires rage in those who would prevent
That fool who values winning over leading.

Our troubled minds would do well to remember
Above all, where the X goes in November.


A seventy-one year long ride.
This brother stood long at his side.
It’s sad that he’s gone.
His mem’ry lives on.
They say it’s the nice one who died.


Arrest this disappearing of blue boxes
Illuminate this troubling gloom of night
How can this timed dismantling be right
This coup within a coop now run by foxes.

Who is this boss who’s never carried mail
Another shill who bought into position
Oh pardon me for viewing with suspicion
Who sees his charge as not too big to fail.

Observe the strategies of desperation
Behold the tactics of the one who places
A tyrants need for winning all the races
Beyond the moral standards of a nation

Welcome home and hope you had some fun.
Come back. Pelosi says recess is done.


The star of the evening? Michelle.
She summed Donald up pretty well:
Chaos and division,
A self-serving mission,
No empathy. (Damn him to Hell).


-Special thanks to FMA-
For the Post Office, O how I’ve cried.
Our ballots may “go for a ride”.
It’s just you’d expect
It would get more respect
From a guy with a mail-order bride.


He had hope when it came time for the change
That next guy would step up to the position.
Was not foreseeing such a stark transition
To one who’d be so sadly out of range.

A former leader spoke to what’s at stake
To stay unfit and selfish at the top.
He urged us – cast the vote to make it stop
And rid us of this presidential fake.

Four years, we’ve seen the worst of us displayed
Our global reputation so diminished
To stay the course, Democracy is finished
While one man puts his ego on parade

It’s hard to see our lives so sorely tested.
Some good news tho – Steve Bannon got arrested.


Biden’s speech came off nicely, apparently.
His empathy present, inherently
He didn’t need muster
Lies, insults or bluster,
And unlike Trump, spoke quite coherently.


Picked a helluva time to retire.
From the frying pan into the fire.
Well, so much for leisure
I’m up for a seizure
From politics, sickness, and fire.


No principles. No preparation.
The lying without hesitation.
The cruelty too, mister.
As told by his sister!
Still, some want him leading our nation.


Her teenager daughter is having a pout.
She’s speaking her mind. There’s trouble, no doubt.
We may never know what the fuss is about,
But Crystal Meth Barbie is on her way out.


Let accolades ring out about him!
We’ll vanquish the virus! Don’t doubt him!
He’ll lock up and beat
Those who poop in the street!
It’s Socialist Chaos without him!

(Alternate Ending:
He’ll beat off the throngs
Of men in sarongs!
It’s Socialist Chaos without him!)


Abby Johnson, a speaker of note,
Would limit some folks’ right to vote,
And gladly profiled
Her bi-racial child.
That’s enough. Please pass the remote.


The on-court action stopped. Players resisted
For Jacob Blake they all would take a stand.
Meanwhile Pence, so white and bland,
Described a country that has not existed.

For Law & Order’s what the man is for.
He warns of Biden: chaos and decline.
“With us the Common Man will do just fine”,
Ignoring the injustice at the core.

He spoke of COVID then with some defiance
He said his boss had stepped up like a hero
Ignoring that compassion rate of zero
And confident that miracles trump science.

Meanwhile, Fox’s Tucker ups the ante
With praises for a teenaged vigilante.


Trump warns us and scares us a lot,
With Biden it all goes to pot.
But riots and shooting
Sheer chaos and looting
Are problems we’ve already got.


Handcuffed to the bed
Seven bullets to the back
Kenosha Justice


The gulf coast was tragically flattened.
No matter the hatches so battened.
Is all this God’s ire
Like brimstone and fire
Or was it just something that happened.


To Kenosha, Trump’s making the climb
To visit the scene of the crime.
The governor’s feeling
He’ll hinder the healing.
Thanks a lot but it’s not a good time.

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