August, 2020


“President Trump”. Not the wisest of men.
Is he leaving? O God, tell me when.
May the day please draw near
When we won’t have to hear
Those two words together again.

(Not my best rhyme, but straight from the heart.)


The election, it keeps drawing nearer.
It’s results, day by day, getting clearer.
It’s sad and a shame
How he tosses the blame
At all except who’s in the mirror.


That Kushner’s a bit of a dick.
He dropped plans to test pretty quick.
In giving the screw
To states colored Blue
He’s letting their people get sick.

John Lewis? Trump says that he knew him.
But he can’t say how his’try will view him.
“The facts are the facts.
I’ve done more for Blacks,
And he skipped my inauguration. So screw him.”

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