September, 2020


Those Socialists throwing that fit?
Donald says he’ll protect you from it.
Then tell you with pride
Law & Order’s his guide,
But in fact he likes stirring up shit.


When Trump’s interviewed on Fox Newses,
He just spews out whatever he chooses:
Biden’s sick. Portland’s burning.
Anarchy is churning.
I so hope this corrupt liar loses.


Trump’s latest tweet storm was quite nice.
He wants this election on ice.
Since the Dems are all frauds,
Just even the odds
Making sure that you vote for him twice.


Once, Forest Gump, on life and all its frets
Compared it to a box of choc-o-lates
Now Trump, on murder, going with his gut,
Said death’s like choking on a three-foot putt.

In Germany and France, our fallen lay
From bitter battles of an olden day
But Donald’s hair could not endure the clime
Suckers and losers don’t deserve his time.

With flag and Bible merely photo ops
As he excuses trigger-happy cops
And “Patriots” suck up his lies and tricking,
Democracy is ripe for Donald’s picking.

While public comments clean up what they can,
The private ones still show the real man.


The studying of Racial Theory
Appears to make Donald Trump leery.
He’s canceling classes
On Whites being asses
Why not. It’s his privilege, Dearie.


New revelations from the broken fixer.
Another tell-all book upon the pile
From he who paved the rocky road with style
But still, no that’ll-change-their-vote elixir.

Hush money paid to folks behind the scene,
The bullshit of the laying on of hands,
Contempt for all the dark ones in the stands,
Red, White & Blue subordinate to Green.

The jealous admiration saved for Putin –
His nexus point of global wealth and power
Entreaties that he’d help the campaign flower,
Perhaps a Moscow Trump Hotel? Damn tootin’!

Disbarred, disgraced and under House Arrest
This Judas Suit who once loved Trump the best.


That Doonesbury strip’s quite a brand.
Yesterday, Trudeau laid out what’s planned.
With Sunday as “GO”,
For the rest of his show,
Trump will have COVID blood on his hand.


A logistics whiz, name of DeJoy,
Said “For fundraising, Don – I’m your Boy!”
What staffers donated,
He slyly rebated,
Now the USPS is his toy.


In Austin, Lake Travis had drama.
Five boats went down without a comma.
Those poor Trumper fools
Blew off waterway rules.
I’m sure that they all blamed Obama.


Guest Poet
Senate Minority Leader
Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.)

“Trump lied…
…people died”.


And now, with Rage, suspicions are confirmed:
Our leader is a narcissistic fool,
With staff a silent, deferential tool
Who out of fear just rolled their eyes and squirmed.

With no distinction between truth and lie,
Attention span much like a minus number,
And empathy quite dead or in deep slumber,
This boastful bully, self-deluded guy

Assumes no blame but pulls in all the credit.
In 18 on-the-record interviews
Expands upon his sad, deluded views
And leaves it up to Woodward for the edit.

Confirming here an old familiar song
What some deny but we knew all along.


Yes, Trump is so mean and unfair,
And COVID is really a scare.
To write more, I’ve tried
But I’m preoccupied
With all of the shit in the air.


He gave COVID underplayed spin.
(Didn’t want to have panic set in).
But each time he’ll speak
He’ll want us to freak
On what happens if he don’t win.


Did Trump really say what he means
Shooting suspects in violent scenes?
Does he see beneficial
Killing extrajudicial
Like Duterte in the Philippines.


We’ll see how Henderson Nevada handles
The aftermath of Trump’s indoor love fest
Where Donald put the maskless throngs to test
Upon his long conveyor belt of scandals.

Behavior that is reckless and appalling
And all while spreading lies and stoking fear
Implying that a civil war is near.
Take comfort in his polling numbers falling.

To win again, with Putin he colludes,
Has Barr to favor friends and muzzle foes,
But soon we’ll grab the hook and get the hose
When this dystopian nightmare concludes.

For if that man should get another four,
Our States won’t be United anymore.


Sad man collecting deadly, hellish thoughts
Held captive by the shadows on the ceiling
Deleted tweets reveal a mind that’s reeling
Election night spent waiting for the shots

There’s leftist hit squads coming to your town
And deep-state scientists with their sedition
Buy guns! Buy guns! Buy guns & ammunition!
It’s come to this. They’re gonna take me down.

A Health and Human Services advisor
Advising scientists to change their tunes.
Now warning the approach of Left-Wing goons.
Could this man’s boss have chosen any wiser?

The latest news says he may soon take leave.



Barr’s slimy corruption just oozes
Enforcing the laws that he chooses
With absolute power,
Hello golden shower.
Trump wins and America loses.


Come out! Come out! Stop your hidin’!
You G.O.P. voters for Biden!
Like the once-Pence adviser
Who knows that it’s wiser
To have it be truth yer confidin’.


A champion and a firebrand has left.
A valiant run, but now she is at peace
Yet her demand for justice cannot cease.
A nation and its women stand bereft.

Her last and her most fervent wish was stated
And yet before the body’s even cold
McConnell’s slimy playbook will unfold
This hypocrite with conscience abrogated.

What dark cutthroat maneuvers lie ahead
What senators might have the guts to break
With both sides knowing full well what’s at stake
So many cases hanging by a thread.

Let Ginsberg’s optimism shine within you,
Believing “We the People” will continue.


“The people need to have their voices heard”
“Let’s hold off making this justice selection.”
“Too soon before a heated Prez election.”
You saw their quotes, now hold them to their word.

“I don’t think we should seek a nominee,
And this, regardless of affiliation
To serve the greater interests of our nation”
Their words, four years ago for all to see.

“The climate’s too political I fear.” “This court has dealt with absences before.”
“It’s better with the voters keeping score.”
Oh never mind. Trump’s made the process clear:

“Let’s find a woman who’ll vote like a man
And jam her down their throats quick as we can.”


Education should be patriotic!
The truth of our past? Idiotic!
We’re white, right & strong!
We’ve done nothing wrong!
Strap him down and inject a narcotic.


It don’t take a genius to know
A con man is running the show.
He’s screwed so much stuff.
Four years is enough.
This asshole has just got to go.


A landmark new record today
Our death toll hit 200K
A phenomenal job.
That ignorant blob
Sez the virus is going away.


Even if he don’t win, he’ll call “dibs”
Kick Democracy right in the ribs
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Boy, that will sure piss off the Libs!


Her body lies in state as mourners shout.
They say “honor her wish” and “vote him out”.
Perhaps out of respect this solemn day
He didn’t use tear gas to clear the way.

Meanwhile with the rules McConnell fudges,
Still slamming through his legacy of judges.
At stake, the right to legally abort,
And decades of an out-of-balance court.

Then for Breonna’s death, no charges filed,
Reflects a damaged system spinning wild,
With prayers for peace and justice, getting neither,
But two cops shot did not get justice either.

To turn the tide, mass voting is our task.
By mail, or in person (with a mask).


It’s National Public Lands Day!
Free admission to visit and play!
Celebrate their protection
And untouched perfection
With Bill Pendley going away.


In Portland, the Proud Boys collected
In numbers far less than expected.
For love they came callin’
Of boozin’ & brawlin’ –
A platform that most folks rejected.


And from the Times, the news is as expected
About our fraudulent conniving boss
Who boasted billions running at a loss
And taxes paid? Well not too much detected.

His business tactics – mostly bleed and squander.
A wizard he, at piling on the debt.
His castle but a house of cards, and yet
It’s still too much for his fan base to ponder.

His hotels tho, a steady income source
His aides and secret service do it right
Six-hundred fifty bucks per-room-per-night
The tab picked up by taxpayers of course.

Is he our first elected crook? I doubt it.
It’s just he’s so damned obvious about it.


Tonight a debate comes to pass,
With America watching en masse.
When the two of them meet,
How can Biden compete
With the lies Trump pulls out of his ass.


one heartfelt question
on behalf of a nation
would you shut up, man?

August, 2020


“President Trump”. Not the wisest of men.
Is he leaving? O God, tell me when.
May the day please draw near
When we won’t have to hear
Those two words together again.

(Not my best rhyme, but straight from the heart.)


The election, it keeps drawing nearer.
It’s results, day by day, getting clearer.
It’s sad and a shame
How he tosses the blame
At all except who’s in the mirror.


That Kushner’s a bit of a dick.
He dropped plans to test pretty quick.
In giving the screw
To states colored Blue
He’s letting their people get sick.


John Lewis? Trump says that he knew him.
But he can’t say how his’try will view him.
“The facts are the facts.
I’ve done more for Blacks,
And he skipped my inauguration. So screw him.”


Earth in upheaval
City of death and debris
This was once Beirut


False claims that should not be repeated
Led to Trump postings getting deleted.
Kids get the disease,
And can spread it with ease.
Two facts that he has not conceded.


With boundless lies and trademark baseless claims
Trump’s Cleveland show was long on passing blames
In lacking tools for cleaning up his mess,
He lashed at Biden, calling him Godless.

By stoking fears and smearing reputation,
Poured salt upon our sad and wounded nation,
Then offered up himself as the salvation
For clueless blunders of his own creation.

Trump’s fawning donor, now the new postmaster
Sets up the USPS for disaster
As sorting, staff and service take a beating
The deck is getting stacked to win by cheating.

These days the Oval Office really stinks.
This weekend he’ll get fresh air on the links.


A Georgia girl’s school day was ended
When a picture she posted offended.
Crowded halls, no face covered,
Lax enforcement discovered,
And for telling the truth got suspended.


A postmaster, name of DeJoy
Is showing that he is Trump’s boy.
A massive staff shuffle
And structure kerfuffle,
A blatant election-time ploy.


His deferring taxes is clever.
But defunding Medicare? Never!
Since sent here by Jesus,
He does what he pleases,
This whiniest Presidebt ever.


Good news? I’d say it’s a day for it.
So what does our Prez have to say for it?
“I have strong belief
In virus relief,
And I’m going to make the States pay for it!”


An Oakland girl, diverse and brilliant core
Her law career began as prosecutor
(Yes, Willie Brown was on the scene as suitor)
Her first campaign showed Hallinan the door

The DA years were left with mixed repute
Intelligent, articulate and strong
As time would show, occasionally wrong
Mnuchin she declined to prosecute

But took on Sessions, Kavanaugh and Biden
A nasty one, our president would note
Not many problems going for the throat
Now may she call him out on what he’s hidin’

Let’s see what Democrats will be investing
Today we saw the race get interesting.


Reported in Iowa quarters:
DeJoy has removed mail sorters
A sad spirit-dampening,
This blatant vote tampering
Within our American borders.


Reality’s easy to see –
Elections are still fair and free.
In person, by mail,
No voter will fail
As long as their vote is for he.


One-hundred and fifty-eight days remain
Until we see the next inauguration.
A gauntlet of a summer’s conflagration
And then a chance to vote away our pain.

Four years we’ve stoked the whims of Don the Con
A smorgasbord of selfishness and greed
All garnished by the hearts of those in need.
O, but to celebrate when he is gone.

A menace who ignores a nation’s pleading
While narrowing the pathways of dissent
Inspires rage in those who would prevent
That fool who values winning over leading.

Our troubled minds would do well to remember
Above all, where the X goes in November.


A seventy-one year long ride.
This brother stood long at his side.
It’s sad that he’s gone.
His mem’ry lives on.
They say it’s the nice one who died.


Arrest this disappearing of blue boxes
Illuminate this troubling gloom of night
How can this timed dismantling be right
This coup within a coop now run by foxes.

Who is this boss who’s never carried mail
Another shill who bought into position
Oh pardon me for viewing with suspicion
Who sees his charge as not too big to fail.

Observe the strategies of desperation
Behold the tactics of the one who places
A tyrants need for winning all the races
Beyond the moral standards of a nation

Welcome home and hope you had some fun.
Come back. Pelosi says recess is done.


The star of the evening? Michelle.
She summed Donald up pretty well:
Chaos and division,
A self-serving mission,
No empathy. (Damn him to Hell).


-Special thanks to FMA-
For the Post Office, O how I’ve cried.
Our ballots may “go for a ride”.
It’s just you’d expect
It would get more respect
From a guy with a mail-order bride.


He had hope when it came time for the change
That next guy would step up to the position.
Was not foreseeing such a stark transition
To one who’d be so sadly out of range.

A former leader spoke to what’s at stake
To stay unfit and selfish at the top.
He urged us – cast the vote to make it stop
And rid us of this presidential fake.

Four years, we’ve seen the worst of us displayed
Our global reputation so diminished
To stay the course, Democracy is finished
While one man puts his ego on parade

It’s hard to see our lives so sorely tested.
Some good news tho – Steve Bannon got arrested.


Biden’s speech came off nicely, apparently.
His empathy present, inherently
He didn’t need muster
Lies, insults or bluster,
And unlike Trump, spoke quite coherently.


Picked a helluva time to retire.
From the frying pan into the fire.
Well, so much for leisure
I’m up for a seizure
From politics, sickness, and fire.


No principles. No preparation.
The lying without hesitation.
The cruelty too, mister.
As told by his sister!
Still, some want him leading our nation.


Her teenager daughter is having a pout.
She’s speaking her mind. There’s trouble, no doubt.
We may never know what the fuss is about,
But Crystal Meth Barbie is on her way out.


Let accolades ring out about him!
We’ll vanquish the virus! Don’t doubt him!
He’ll lock up and beat
Those who poop in the street!
It’s Socialist Chaos without him!

(Alternate Ending:
He’ll beat off the throngs
Of men in sarongs!
It’s Socialist Chaos without him!)


Abby Johnson, a speaker of note,
Would limit some folks’ right to vote,
And gladly profiled
Her bi-racial child.
That’s enough. Please pass the remote.


The on-court action stopped. Players resisted
For Jacob Blake they all would take a stand.
Meanwhile Pence, so white and bland,
Described a country that has not existed.

For Law & Order’s what the man is for.
He warns of Biden: chaos and decline.
“With us the Common Man will do just fine”,
Ignoring the injustice at the core.

He spoke of COVID then with some defiance
He said his boss had stepped up like a hero
Ignoring that compassion rate of zero
And confident that miracles trump science.

Meanwhile, Fox’s Tucker ups the ante
With praises for a teenaged vigilante.


Trump warns us and scares us a lot,
With Biden it all goes to pot.
But riots and shooting
Sheer chaos and looting
Are problems we’ve already got.


Handcuffed to the bed
Seven bullets to the back
Kenosha Justice


The gulf coast was tragically flattened.
No matter the hatches so battened.
Is all this God’s ire
Like brimstone and fire
Or was it just something that happened.


To Kenosha, Trump’s making the climb
To visit the scene of the crime.
The governor’s feeling
He’ll hinder the healing.
Thanks a lot but it’s not a good time.

July, 2020


The Doctor, as cliché as it may seem,
Appeared to her quite clearly in a dream.
And in that deep, subconscious sanctity,
He offered Sacred Synchronicity.

Archetypal, this, forever to be fated
The image that she faithfully related:
Trapped in a vat of filth, immense and vile,
And he, holding her down all of the while.

What painful truth could e’er be justified
How could could her anguish lead to strength inside
And suddenly, as if she always knew –
The forward path does not lead out, but through.

Don’t quote me, as I’m not the one who knows.
But I believe that’s how the story goes.


It’s kind of a sad thing to see
Going on in our Land of the Free.
But his words and his deeds
All suggest that he leads
The Southern Confederacy.


An asset for Trump in the race,
Cain stood out, but still knew his place.
Yet he paid a high price
Cuz he knows it’s not nice
For a black man to cover his face.


A troubling, uneasy celebration
With fireworks and timely photo ops
Brings clouds of pepper spray and lots of cops.
Divisive words for our divided nation

Crowds gathering salute our independence.
No masks, no separation. No big deal.
But still the existential threat is real
Sad, Kim and Junior won’t be in attendance.

Those truths we hold to be self-evident
Seem mostly for elites beyond a wall.
If our sweet justice doesn’t stand for all,
They’re empty words with hollow sentiment.

May we find cause to lift our hearts today.
Tomorrow seems so very far away.


Donald Trump sez that he’s had his fill
Of the Radical Left and their swill:
Equality, health,
Distribution of wealth,
And perhaps maybe cops who don’t kill.


Lots of rockers have made it quite plain:
Keep our music out of your campaign
But Kid Rock says OK,
Like Pat Boone & Kanye.
And Ted Nugent sure wouldn’t complain.


Poor Donald is singing the blues.
He fell out of love with Fox News.
With his dip in their polls
He tweets and he trolls.
Newsmax has the truth he can use.


Donald Trump has a niece, name of Mary
Who paints us a picture quite scary.
A stern father’s wrath
Begets sociopath.
Dysfunctional family? Yes, very.


The Supremes said: Enough with this dance.
Hand your tax records over to Vance.
Did campaigning monies
Help quiet some Honeys
When Trump tried to get in their pants?


The dire warnings from the CDC
Downplayed and set aside by Trump and Pence
To urge the weary masses to agree
With faith and instinct over evidence.

Guidelines and cautions daily getting blurred.
Reopen doors of bars and halls of learning.
The logic of exposing to the herd
Akin to celebrating Rome is burning.

Fifty-seven thousand daily cases.
A broken rudder. No one at the helm.
A nation filled with angry, anguished faces.
Thin line of heroes, stuck on overwhelm.

Each day this fetid toxic mix,
A blending of disease and politics


The man with Nixon tattooed on his back
Is back.



A rabid trickster, decades on the scene.
A mouthpiece for the global ill-repute.
This anarchist inside a fancy suit.
Deny, attack, destroy is the routine.

No need for ethics here. No bottom line.
Draw power from black arts and superstition,
Plant stories, bribe the opposition.
These tactics fit our president just fine.

Obstruction. Lying. Tampering with witnesses
Play politics more like performance art
Creative ruthlessness right from the start.
The wreckage leaves no doubt who’s hit this is.

“Ratf—king” champion, clear and undisputed.
And now, with deepest gratitude, commuted.


That DeVos is just one brilliant chick.
For teachers & kids, she’s a pick!
When school starts this fall,
There’s no plan at all,
Except go back to school and get sick.


How much is a vacation worth
Where a virus hot-spot can give birth.
Please don’t you get sick-y
When visiting Mickey
At “The Happiest Place on Earth”. ™


Poor Donald has faced so much trauma.
He prob’ly was dropped by his mama.
Psychological pain
Is how to explain
His blaming COVID on Obama.


While more and more people are dyin’
Ol’ Donnie just keeps up his lyin’.
His poll numbers? Ouchie!
Hey, time to blame Fauci!
Ya can’t blame a grifter for tryin’.


There’s no sign of cures or vaccines.
We’re losing our ways and our means.
Tho our country is hurtin’
He’ll make time for certain
To pose with a desk, full of beans.


Sharecroppers’ son. A giant of a man.
A Freedom rider, battered for the cause,
And yet for over fifty years, no pause.
Was on the scene when Civil Rights began.

For justice, over forty times arrested
In Congress, spoke for those who had no voice
That Bloody Sunday left him little choice
Til those who’d subjugate were fin’ally bested.

From busses and lunch counters segregated,
Stood tall through all the change that would occur
White hoods and billy clubs would not deter.
He saw Obama get inaugurated.

Conscience. Courage. A Legend Life worth noting.
A privilege to honor it by voting.


On Fox, Trump has made it quite clear:
The virus will soon disappear.
Case numbers – inflated.
Concern – overrated.
Let’s vote this guy out on his rear.


From the streets of Portland to the border
Trump crows about his Law & Order.
The Gestapo is creeping.
Lady Justice is weeping
And only the rich can afford her.


In a move that’s quaintly idiotic,
Trump tweets that masks are Patriotic.
I mean, yeah, well, how great,
But five months too late.
His delay was just slightly psychotic.


There once were three guys from Fox News.
With women, they’d do what they’d choose.
The case taking shape
Is harassment and rape,
Behavior we cannot excuse.


O, Portland, Albuquerque, Kansas City.
Chicago & New York. Oakland & Philly.
Domestic troop deployment’s never pretty.
Tear-gassing moms is dangerous and silly.

Depending on which narrative you choose,
Thug anarchy, or peaceful demonstrations,
A country with its very soul to lose
Resembles far more dictatory nations.

Trump’s gauntlet thrown to Democratic mayors
While broader issues languish on the shelf
Now, funded by its very own taxpayers,
America declares war on itself.

Yet from the hopeless middle of it all,
Rejoice to finally hear the words “Play Ball!!”


The Lincoln speech that every child knew
Began, “Four score and seven years ago”.
The words of JFK still echo low –
“Ask not what your country can do for you”.

Young Washington spoke words that made it clear,
Refreshingly, “I cannot tell a lie”.
With cigarette and twinkle in his eye,
Proud Truman would declare “The buck stops here”.

Said Roosevelt, from every his’try book:
“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”
And even Nixon speaks out from the shelf
With his declaring “I am not a crook”.

Now Trump’s five genius words we get to see:
“Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”


From Covid, to uses of force,
Your tactics are hard to endorse.
Stop making a mess.
Quit your job and de-stress.
Grab your balls and get on the golf course.


Events escalating, evolving.
Our less-better selves are involving.
So little good news.
One thing we could use
Is a role model in problem solving.


There once was a Florida Gov.
In Donnie he found his true love.
He opened too quickly.
Many people got sickly.
So much for advice from above.


The world has us behind a wall.
We’re teargassing moms at the mall.
This disease is unchecked.
Our economy? Wrecked.
Maybe things are not “Great” after all.


Bill Barr’s a cantankerous cuss.
At the hearings he’s raised quite a fuss.
He knows to his core
Who he’s working for
And it sure in the Hell ain’t for us.


The election? Trump wants to postpone it.
Tho Congress sure wouldn’t condone it.
It seems every day
He finds a new way
To take our great country and bone it.


Some under-aged girls were abused.
Ghislaine Maxwell has been accused.
Trump wishes her well.
Are there stories to tell.
Are they friends or is he just confused.

June, 2020


Oh what a darkly strange four years we’ve had
All falling from the choices that were made
As one by one we saw best hopes betrayed.
Unfolding like binge-watching Breaking Bad.

It started with a wrong but simple goal,
And starred a White man, gifted as a liar
Who built and stoked his own self-serving fire
That tragically ballooned out of control.

Destruction came in waves and lives were lost.
Good people saw their souls dragged through the mud.
A trail of broken bones and spattered blood
For one who’d save himself at any cost.

November, no more episodes remaining.
This long ago stopped being entertaining.


Tear gassed, peaceful protestors fled
As word of his fascism spread.
Troops on horseback were feared,
His pathway was cleared
To pose with a book he ain’t read.


A nation in anger and doubt.
A president showing his clout.
We’re singing the blues
Searching for some good news.
Well, at least racist Steve King is out.


Barr’s troops make a striking tableau.
Trained and tactical. Ready to go.
He’s turned up the heat.
They’ll be sweeping the street
With no stinking badges to show.


It’s a gesture important but small,
But sadly there’s no shock at all
That the Senate would dither
And backing would wither,
And a bill against lynching would stall.


Black People, Trump feels your pain.
But the Stock Market’s rising again.
Unemployment has slowed
Which statistically showed
That George Floyd did not die in vain.


The White House with black fencing at its border
A Nation’s precious symbol – a fortress.
A movement that our leader can’t address,
But lurks within, while tweeting “Law & Order”.

In countless cities, throngs of people witnessing.
The call for justice ringing loud and clear,
But no clear path for getting there from here,
And not much in the way of Social Distancing.

The signs and slogans cover quite the range
As streets and parks reverberate with chants.
The joy of watching newfound strangers dance.
Go forward in this spirit. Be the change.

In other news, while Trump is bunker-hidin’,
Colin Powell just came out for Biden.


Let’s look at Trump staffers who quit,
And how how he’d dis them in a snit.
At first they were hailed
Then branded as “failed”,
Cuz they couldn’t put up with his shit.


What an old man for peace must endure.
Pushed by cops to the ground, that’s for sure.
He fell, hit his head.
They walked by as he bled.
This “Antifa provocateur”.


I’m not a big Bill Barr endorser.
His responses are tone-deaf and coarser.
He should know what is meant
As good Law Enforcement
Is not “Be a Big Bad Enforcer”.


It’s a word that’s just too sadly fitted
At our borders where conflicts are pitted
There’s refugees seeking,
And inmates just freaking.
An asylum with no more admitted.


The mobilized troops were all set
To counter a domestic threat
And tho’ he was there
In Lafayette Square,
A General voiced his regret.

A conundrum for them MAGA folks
Is a source of some pretty good jokes.
To rally with pride
They’ll have to decide –
Is COVID a danger or hoax.


Like most of my friends, I am banking
On Trump’s popularity tanking.
But today, heal the rift.
For his birthday gift,
Let’s line up and give him a spanking.


From a 6 to 3 Supreme Court spar,
Comes a ruling that reaches quite far:
The law of our nation
Bans discrimination.
It’s legal to be who you are.


Our government’s seeking solutions.
Each branch makes its own contributions.
Bill Barr says “hey, trust us.”
His best path to justice
Is resume Federal executions.


You can’t blame poor Donald for trying.
But not many people are buying.
What facts do you choose.
It’s not just fake news,
But also fake illness and dying.


Just what does America need.
It depends upon which side you read.
With his anger and spite,
Trump sure can incite,
But he hasn’t a clue how to lead.


The bunting arcs – red white and blue resplendent
The chanted slogans, 19,000 strong
A fan base that will not be proven wrong
No virus will restrict their First Amendment.

And no one else could draw a crowd this size,
Believing every word he has to say.
The fake news of the stats two weeks away
Revealing who’s afflicted and who dies.

There’s bedlam and there’s chaos at the gates
The lawlessness of Democrats elected.
No recourse tho, if you should get infected.
Meanwhile Tulsa holds its breath and waits.

A prayer for these well-meaning bullshit swallowers
Reminding me so much of Jim Jones followers.


Attorney Geoff Berman’s in mind.
Bill Barr says the man has resigned.
But Geoff is not gone.
His cases go on.
Guess Trump is just scared what he’ll find.


If you believe that
Was a million in strength,
Then you’ll believe this
Is nine inches in length.


Tho there’s plenty around him to flatter,
His allies are starting to scatter.
It’s been a nice ride,
But he’s on the wrong side
Of too many issues that matter.


The papers this morning have wrote
Of two primaries worthy of note.
New York and Kentucky,
I hope that you’re lucky
And no one is dying to vote.


A president who’s surely lost his reason
Still reeling from his rally’s poor attendance,
And watching our infection rate’s ascendance,
Speaks out about his predecessor’s treason.

No grounds support this baseless accusation
Why, even Lindsay Graham’s not on board
A liability he can’t afford,
This strategy that reeks of desperation.

Meanwhile: a niece’s book is called salacious.
Our immigration quotas scale back.
The push for cutting Roger Stone some slack.
No masks for Trump in Arizona. Gracious.

And perched upon our country’s tragic skid,
This president who lies but doesn’t kid.


Enough with the protesting chatter.
Who cares if communities shatter.
As discontent grows,
The evidence shows:
Except for his own – No Lives Matter.

(Bonus Rhyme – No Extra Charge!)

Poor ol’ Devin Nunes, and how!
His lawsuit, a judge won’t allow.
Despite what he claimed,
He wasn’t defamed,
And he can’t sue a parody cow.


So many worked and waited for this day.
So much was spent on this Supreme investment
The table’s set for its complete divestment
The Court’s been asked to fell the ACA.

So what, the sick and dying come in surges.
So grand to see Obama in defeat,
To watch the Libtards crying in the street
By satisfying Federalist urges.

“So there” to all the whiners left at-risk
So long to cov’rage of what’s pre-existing
Your health deserves no government assisting.
Go broke or die. Your choice. Just keep it brisk.

This lack of care is more than just a phase.
Our country’s sick in oh so many ways.


In a press conference held yesterday
Mike Pence had some great things to say
We’re stopping the spread
Nobody is dead
And reopening’s really okay.


45 is the man of the hour
His campaign just continues flower
Kiss Biden goodbye
Trump’s polling is high
Among folks who like chanting “White Power”.


A St. Louis couple we view
Pointing guns at a crowd marching through.
Tho within their rights,
Had ‘em dead in their sights.
In Amerika, that’s what we do.


Buffoonish, ill-informed, and demagogic,
His reputation takes another blow.
Within the labyrinth of twisted logic
Lies what our leader did and did not know.

The McEnany spin could make one dizzy.
A Russian price on US soldiers’ heads.
For briefing, was our president too busy,
Or was he that damned cozy with the Reds.

When you’re a more broad-stroke, big-picture guy,
Fine details are easy ones to miss.
His stable genius-ness must be why
Trump’s ignorance is his pal Putin’s bliss.

More worrisome than on the streets you’ll find
The anarchy that rages in his mind.

May, 2020


The feel of music
The touch of a welcome hand
The smell of my friends


So Stephanie Grisham is done,
And the McEnany Era’s begun.
In her first Press to-do
Said “I won’t lie to you”.
I’m guessing that’s Lie Number One.


So tired of the glowing orange face.
So tired of the ever present name.
So tired of the constant passing blame.
So tired of the speeches, void of grace.

So tired of the gestures and the sneer.
The fetid oval of the moving lips.
The whiny rasp. The waddle of the hips.
The gnawing dread of each new thing to fear.

So tired of each blatant selfish goal.
The lies that number far beyond detection.
And those who’d proudly vote for reelection
Of he devoid of empathy or soul.

And yet there is a light beyond this slump,
Embracing things that do not rhyme with “dump”


Those protesters don’t fear the spread.
It’s loss of their rights that they dread.
They’re angry and armed.
But their lives are charmed.
If Black, they’d already be dead.


On Capitol steps, a convention
Of folks who eschew prevention.
With chemtrail birthers
And deep-state flat-earthers.
Armed “patriots”, voicing dissension.


By boat our guys would have attacked.
To help eevil Maduro get sacked.
How nice that we’ve seen
Despite Covid-19,
Our diplomacy still is intact.


Vigilantes in Georgia attack.
A young man will never come back.
Two months. No arrest.
Justice fails the test.
When you’re guilty of jogging while Black.


A double-shot of weariness and fear
As weeks drag on, the life we knew on pause
Conflicting truths regarding cure and cause
And no clear path to moving on from here.

Projections from the CDC and WHO
Our leader wants to wish those words away
For economic models hold more sway
Get back to work. It’s just a kind of flu.

The dark statistics get marginalized
As push turns into shove, full steam ahead
Acceptable, the number of the dead.
No mask for Trump. Is anyone surprised.

Beyond the shape and spin we’ll hear today,
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his valet.


For decades, did proudly his duty
Flamboyantly shaking his booty
Few of us could look finer
In sequins and eye-liner
The man who gave us Tutti-Frutti.


On this day, regarding our plight
I think how things could have gone right:
When preparing for bed
If she only had said
“I’m too tired Fred, so not tonight”


This new Barr decision draws flies.
But the winners write history, guys.
It’s right to be pissed
About charges dismissed.
Michael Flynn told “material lies”.


Assurances at Monday morning’s briefing
How everything is working out just fine
The boasting in a pouty raspy whine
A nasty question – suddenly he’s leaving.

Before that tho’, one word – Obamagate.
Thru hist’ry, it’s our country’s biggest crime
Specifics still a mystery for the time.
(Guess Mitch told him to shut his mouth too late).

Up next, the Supreme Court and Trump finances.
Past actions and transactions. Wanna bet
They’ll be released? Just ask his buddy Brett.
The odds are 5 to 4. He’ll take his chances.

Meanwhile, Fauci can’t be blamed for trying
To keep from needless suffering and dying.


Paul Manafort, worthy of note,
Serves the rest of his sentence remote.
His lock-up will cease
Granted early release
To care for that fine Ostrich coat.


Their conservative court did the trick.
The shelter-in-place did not stick.
Their ruling is clear.
Let’s go grab a beer!
In Wisconsin, you’re free to get sick.


He offers no coherent plan.
He thinks there’s good folks in the Klan.
He sings his own praises.
His lying amazes.
My God, who could vote for this man.


What has this poor man been ingesting.
It’s hard to believe he’s suggesting
Our number of cases
Exceeds other places
Because we do way too much testing.


Eric Trump offered something quite swell
On Fox News, that I can’t wait to tell:
When Election Day’s here,
COVID will disappear.
Here’s hoping his dad will as well.


Obama, it has come to pass,
Gave a speech to this year’s Senior Class.
How refreshing to hear
One who speaks loud and clear
From heart and head, rather than ass.


Both risks and rewards have been seen
Of this treatment, for lack of vaccine.
We hope for the best
As he puts to the test
Taking hydroxychloroquine.


Pelosi’s all hating on Trump.
Their relationship’s deep in a slump.
Fat shaming should cease.
“Morbidly Obese”?
We’d rather say “Pleasingly Plump”.


Unemployment’s a troubling fate.
There’s 38 million to date.
But Trump keeps on grinning,
And boasting of winning,
And keeping America great.


In Watsonville’s Ford plant, Trump’s dropping by.
Requests to wear a mask, but no, he ain’t.
Don’t want the inside smeared with orange paint.
For him, the rules and science don’t apply.

But rules for voting, that’s another thing.
No mail-in ballots. Too much chance for fraud
Decrees the man some say chosen by God.
The right to vote has such a hollow ring.

And in our isolation, holiday!
Memorial Day weekend to remember!
But will we look regretful come September
Because we stood too closely in our play.

In other news, now China’s in the wrong
In tightening its noose around Hong Kong.


Churches reopen? You bet!
Just be sure that Trump’s guidelines are met!
Our president’s orders
Transcending state borders.
C’mon – he ain’t lied to us yet!


As sickness and tension abound,
We know where our Prez will be found.
Helping out? Spreading hope?
Easing suffering? Nope.
He’ll be on the links playing around.


Memorial Day is a call
To reflect upon those who gave all
It’s sad we must ask
To please wear a mask
In concern for the folks yet to fall.


With conspiracy rumors to spread,
Trump’s viciously sick in the head.
His new tweeting low
Points to Joe Scarborough
And an intern who’s tragically dead.


We’ve read the quotes – his pivoting on China –
From touting friendship, deep respect, and praise,
To stern denouncing where blame squarely lays.
Yet fans of his say none could run things finer.

We’ve heard his lies, denial, passing blame,
And watched him golf as more things fall apart
Don’t like the facts? Just modify the chart.
And yet so many love him just the same.

We’ve seen his tweeted baseless accusations.
Fact checkers weary, can’t keep up the pace
With how he stoops to energize his base,
Our tragic bully laughingstock of nations.

That nauseating sickness that you feel
Reflecting on the person at the wheel.


black face in pavement
blue knee presses into neck
white hand in pocket


Goodbye Communist bureaucrats.
If I live, I will send my congrats.
Our country is saved.
Trump’s next term is paved
With the bodies of dead Democrats.


SpaceX may be launching today.
Hope the astronauts will be okay.
With our whole planet crumbling
And leadership bumbling,
Can you blame them for getting away?


Staring in shock at the wreck.
Injustice is stacking the deck.
America’s bleeding.
A madman is leading.
The tourniquet’s around the neck.

April, 2020


So many dishes for this Feast of Fools
A never-ending smorgasbord of jest
Unending day, you put us to the test
The cruelty of your pranking breaks the rules.

The set-up of delay and disbelief
Colossal hoax of swift and global reach
Trumped up by those who lead, inform, and preach
And then the payoff steeped in loss and grief.

Our streets, our homes, our businesses, our lives,
Our every stripe of human interaction,
Our normal past so slowly loses traction
‘Til ending of this curs’ed joke arrives.

May sadness, fear and loss all be reversed
In health and joy beyond this April First.


New millions of folks unemployed
Small nest eggs are getting destroyed
The ruling class waits
Behind their locked gates.
On the streets, when will folks get annoyed…


Hobby Lobby is open. Let’s go!
The virus can’t get there, you know?
The place is essential
Safely reverential
At least God told the owner’s wife so.


Mike Atkinson. Give him a hand.
As Inspector Gen., he was grand.
Gave Congress the spiel
On Trump’s Ukraine deal
And for doing his job, just got canned.


As The State tells us how to behave
And from six feet apart we all wave
It’s sad not to be
In the Land of the Free,
Quarantined in the Home of the Brave.


Each day, a new, unprecedented now,
With friends and family all in isolation
In disbelief we share our situation
As aching hearts obsess on why and how.

Our leaders hollow words bring scant relief
Advice and guidelines seem to daily change
As still, solutions, vague and out of range
Leave far too many lost in loss and grief.

Now daybreak’s stark return into the madness
As each will find their way not out, but through,
Perhaps a time to touch what else is true
For love and hope live side by side with sadness.

Beyond the great uncertainties we’re seeing
Please, find the simple, complex joy of being.


You could suck at your work,
An incompetent jerk,
With an absence of qualifications.

Your habits, disgust. Tell a lie, break a trust,
With an eye on more dark machinations

You can live as a fake
Who is just on the take.
Dig up women who’s children
You’ve sired.

You can fuck, break or lose
Any damned thing you choose,
But make me look bad, and
You’re fired.

For an ill-mannered fop
Can go straight to the top
If he cops to who’s bottom he’s kissin’

He can rob, steal or plunder,
Rip values asunder
And make his opponents go missin’.

If you lack the right stuff
But you donate enough,
You can brag to the world that you’re wired.

All the evidence shows
That I’m not wearing clothes,
But make me look bad, and
You’re fired.


Wisconsin postponing elections
Offered residents there some protections.
But Repubs wouldn’t budge
Cuz of some right wing judge.
Hey, voting should not cause infections


Thanks Bernie. Ya know ya done good.
You gave the race all that you could.
I don’t mind confidin’
I ain’t loving Biden,
But on voting day, yeah, sure, I would.


Social distance may ward off infection,
And shutdowns may offer protection,
But with poll numbers dropping,
Reopen! Go shopping!
And help out with Trump’s re-election.


This virus, It gimme the blues.
Everywhere I look – perilous views.
But if I want to feel
It ain’t no big deal,
I guess I should go watch Fox News.


Something new that has never been shared:
Fifty states have disaster declared.
I ask just for fun
How we might have done
With a leader who act’ually cared.


Just yesterday, so very long ago,
Those lives we led, abruptly put on hold
As stunned we watched, too quickly to unfold
An unexpected, frightening tableau.

A painful truth on every empty shelf
Confronting all who must do more with less.
This richest nation humbled to confess
America cannot care for itself.

The Front Line – ever brave, dependable,
Who pick & pack, replenish and deliver,
And every scared and unequipped caregiver,
This sickness renders all expendable.

Someday when this is over, may we see
What this great nation truly wants to be.


The election would not be postponed
Putting voters at risk and rezoned
It was voter suppression
By the high court in session
But the guys on the right still got boned.


No fake news here. Not even anecdotal.
“We’re gonna write some papers up on this”.
He claims this in his dictatory bliss:
The president’s authority is total.

So now let Barr write up some resolution.
“It’s total and the governors know that”.
Says bully demagogic spoiled brat.
The Donald’s will transcends the Constitution

A game of quid pro quo before our eyes.
States’ rights mean squat if you want help from me.
No science in my Land of the Free,
But policies of politics and lies.

So do it now. I’ll get permission later
Says he who puts the dick inside dictator.


Hey Congress – it’s time to adjourn
To give Trump appointees their turn.
Testing is outdated,
Oversight’s overrated,
And Donald’s got money to burn.


The Corona Virus can kill
I hope that it won’t make you ill.
What Fauci advisest
It’s prob’ly the wisest,
And not so much from Dr. Phil.


He claims total control of the nation,
Then lets states plan their own situation,
Then he foments unrest
Putting them to the test,
Tweeting for premature “liberation”.


Protesting the virus restrictions
Shows the courage of ones convictions.
In leaving their quarters,
Masses of Trump supporters
May result in their own life evictions.


In some circles, 4/20 is known
As the day to go roll up a bone.
But these days, alas,
Don’t “puff, puff, & pass”.
Just stay home and smoke it alone.


The Democrat gov’ners get chided.
And the caution of science derided.
Narcissistic and petty,
What makes him all sweaty
Is keeping our nation divided.


With this mandated shutdown, I’m through!
There’s things of great import to do!
And as things unravel,
To Georgia I’ll travel,
Go bowling, and get a tattoo.


A pandemic Task Force’s leader
Was a trusted aide. What could be sweeter.
His skill set was big
From his previous gig
As a Dallas Labradoodle breeder.


Beware the cures of anti-science meddlers
Avoid elixirs from snake-oil peddlers
Keep rumored cures, untested, out of reach
And never inject alcohol or bleach.

In days of desperation, it’s expectant
That some consider drinking disinfectant
But please to keep in mind one truth for sure
That presently for death there is no cure.

It’s sad to think a president’s suggestion
Could lead to something worse than indigestion.
Far from a doctor, clear and plain to see
But still the pow’r to fire them on TV.

And yet for some his ignorance is bliss.
And in that lies the How We Came To This.


A virus is plaguing the nation
Infecting the whole population
A long list of ills
Vomit, fever and chills
The symptoms of Trump Saturation.


Trump’s ongoing battle with WHO,
Blaming them for what he did not do,
Shows his sad defiance
Of facts based in science
Over things that he’d rather be true.


Mitch McConnell, that Simon Legree,
Claims that States should declare bankruptcy.
He thinks that it’s swell
For he knows it quite well
As he already is, morally.


Bolsonaro, the thug of Brazil.
Forever, his hand in the till.
Corrupt to the core
Just looking to score
Trump is somewhat better, but still…


To not wear a mask is quite tempting.
But for virus containment attempting,
We really all should
For the common good.
(Except Pence, whom God is exempting.)


It’s enough to disquiet the mind
When you look at the news you can find
But that’s what you’ve got
When the Media’s bought
By rich folks with axes to grind.

March, 2020


89 is a pretty good run.
He’ll live on in the chain he begun.
Cool things in the aisles,
Employees with smiles,
Trader Joe, you made shopping fun.


One more is down and that leaves five left standing.
This brutal campaign trail is demanding.
A noble shot, but needle wouldn’t budge
For telegenic Mayor Buddha Judge.

He had some thoughtful words we took to heart,
And in his way, upset the apple cart.
He opened eyes of some who play it straight,
Yet as for now the man will have to wait.

A centrist for inclusion and for unity,
But still no traction in the Black community.
Though through his run, a message has been sent –
You can be mainstream and be different.

Fresh face, intelligent, articulate.
Come back, young man, when you matriculate.


Now Klobuchar’s race has been ran.
She is smart, but I wasn’t a fan.
It was not hard to choose.
I saw most of her views
As moderate Republican.


Not long ago, a wide and crowded field
Provided us a multitude of choices
A chance to hear some words from different voices
The wealth of possibilities appealed.

A fresh array of faces and perspectives
Perhaps to chart a new and better way
But campaigns and debates up to this day
Descended into hurling invectives.

Some saw a chance to fix and learn and grow,
But hope and change are many years behind us.
The unease of the now stands to remind us
The creeping failure of the status quo.

And through it all it comes as no surprise
The race is coming down to Two White Guys.


This race to the White House. Egads!
All this weighing the Goods and the Bads.
It’s hard to endure.
But one thing’s for sure.
There won’t be more Mike Bloomberg ads.


When the facts are what are desirous,
Here’s an item that shouldn’t go by us:
Without cure or cause,
Trump, grasping at straws,
Blamed Obama for spreading the virus.


Trane’s tracks of Ivory
Rip’pling chords of Supreme Love
The Real McCoy


A change at Chief of Staff has come to pass
How ever did Mark Meadows land the gig?
By showing that his love for Trump is big,
And kissing Jared Kushner’s gilded ass.

Mulvaney’s parting Thank You notes were grand
But he took too much comfort on the side,
Abhorred the twenty-four by seven ride,
So he’ll be getting shipped to Ireland.

Now Meadows stands as pumped to lead the charge,
To stack the staff with loyal sycophants,
And lead them all in clever pro-Trump chants
But his own love of self may loom too large.

Congratulations, Meadows. Bend and smile.
But hist’ry says – update your LinkedIn profile.


The headlines daily draw the flies
And so it comes as no surprise
Our once great Nation’s future lies
Twixt Biden’s gaffes and Trumpy’s lies.


Erik Prince is a snoopy old cuss
And now he is spying on us
Going after the “Thems”
Labor groups, Libs & Dems
Someone please, throw him under a bus.


In Russia, Vlad’s reign is surreal.
Twelve more years he’ll be back at the wheel.
Now Trump’s in a tizzy
Behind the scenes, busy,
To work out the same kind of deal.


Trump’s travel ban’s getting in gear.
A brilliant idea it’s clear.
His great intellect
Knows this will protect
From a virus that’s already here.


Disease of virus and disease of fear
Infected bodies, and infected minds
Each new and troubling revelation grinds
As things we took for granted disappear.

Empty stadiums and empty shelves
The markets fall as fevered tempers rise
What’s next comes far too quickly to surmise
As pundits race on to outdo themselves.

And those elected leaders at the top
More versed in shouting matches over leading
Inured to suf’ring fearful masses pleading
Lack vision for a path to make it stop.

The future stands as troubling and unsure
I pray we all shall find heart to endure.


Self-quarantine makes some good sense.
Prevention’s a line of defense
That might do the trick
But what’s making me sick
Is the obsequious fawning of Pence.


Life seems to have taken a swerve
As we struggle to “flatten the curve”
I have much resistance
To all this self-distance
Reality has some fucking nerve.


Two men before a non-existent crowd
A sparring that addressed the absent foe.
It made a long but not unpleasant show
Good taste enough to keep from getting loud.

Each saw the world through different colored glasses
Each poked at missteps from the other’s past
One highlighted political contrast
The other blamed corrupted ruling classes.

Where Biden has stood next to the Big Chair
For decades Bernie stood as Class Crusader.
Can needed changes really wait ‘til later
For long, our rig-ged system’s been unfair.

Yet neither man was throwing knockout punches
Perhaps to better save for Trump, in bunches.


At first FOX News said “Virus…not!
It’s just some vast Democrat plot”.
They’re final’y retracting
On “overreacting”
How sad if Corona they’ve got.


The number of cases is growing
Our “out and about” time is slowing
Curiosity grows
As nobody knows
Exactly where all this is going


With government checks of assistance
Soon coming to aid our existence.
Governmental contrarians
And most Libertarians
Will accept them without much resistance.


Richard Burr had some inside intel.
Just before the big crash, got to sell.
His timely unloading
Beat the market’s eroding.
May he spend all that money in Hell.


Reports to him on viral spread and grow
A chance to act before things got so scary
Intelligence ignored in January.
How sad to use the words “we told you so”.

Two months behind in crucial preparation
A calloused eye to steps that should be taken
Instead how many millions are forsaken
Locked up at home inside a broken nation.

Alarms were sounded by ignored protestors.
Projections came on how bad things could get
He chose instead to just downplay the threat.
Those expert words were frightening investors.

If voting day should come, keep one thing clear:
His role in all the things that got us here


No wonder Fauci looked pissed.
But Donald just could not resist:
“Two drugs that for sure
Amount to a cure”
(That sadly does not yet exist).


It’s time for strong leadership, but
The man at the top is a nut.
He loathes the reliance
On truth, facts or science
Preferring his whim, mood, or gut.


There’s a choice over which one to fix:
The Dow Jones or the Old and the Sicks.
On one side there’s health
On the other there’s wealth.
Take a guess as to which one Trump picks.


A college mem’ry haunts me to this day.
A freshman college class. A game to play.
Scenarios where each group must arrive
At who among us will and won’t survive.

There’s roles to play in this reality
Of age and skill and personality.
Determine who can stay and who must go,
As tensions rise and real values show.

The old or flawed more quickly cast aside
While skilled or priv’leged stay on for the ride.
Triage in judging value of a life
And who among us gets to stick the knife.

A classroom tests the weight of I and Thou.
In larger scale, playing out right now.


No word when the crisis will end
But relief may be just ‘round the bend.
For the broken and ill
There’s 2.2 Trill.
A number I can’t comprehend.


Well, China was where it begun,
And Italy sure had its run.
The ongoing saga
Of our quest for MAGA –
How great to say “We’re #1!”


As victims so sadly amass,
We see it has now come to pass
Equipment, so treasured,
Has price tags all measured
In kisses he’ll get on his ass.


Sweet darkness escape
O precious sleep shelter me
No virus in dreams


While countless souls ponder their fate,
As we hole up in shelter and wait,
And we wonder who dies
For lack of supplies,
Trump crows that his ratings are great!


A global pandemic, or sham
Our lives are in chaos. Goddamn!
We can’t win for tryin’
You came in like a lion
Now please March, go out like a lamb.

February, 2020


Wherever its consequence reaches,
One thing this impeachment trial teaches,
This issue unites
The Lefts and the Rights:
All Senators love to give speeches.


Today, maybe set aside beefs.
Pay no mind to political griefs
As the coastal elites
Battle mid-west Main Streets
When the Niners throw down with the Chiefs.


Trump’s football fan friends got their fill
At his Florida place. What a thrill.
A Super Bowl Fest
Where we paid for each guest
To the tune of just 3.4 Mil.


t’s my hope we final’y hit bottom here
Murkowski then so eloquently stated.
Both parties and both houses castigated,
Self-serving self-destruction made too clear.

A demon burns its way through ol’ DC
No side, she says, can stand exempt from blame
While media so swiftly fans the flame
All lose when this is how you play the game.

A nearly empty chamber heard her speech
Behavior that she called “shameful and wrong”
Nice tune but too late for the song,
Yet Trump’s own interests led to over-reach.

Good points in her eleven minute snit.
And still Murkowski’s voting to acquit.


It was far less a speech than campaign,
As eloquence circled the drain.
Some half truths to pedal,
And Rush got a medal,
Then Nancy made her response plain.


This bloviating gasbag of a man
Spews fetid bile on those below his station
Fat jester for the sickness of a nation
No wonder our Dear Leader is a fan.

Women, Blacks & gays – minorities –
The slaughtered Tribes, the victims of empire
For them, he pees more fuel upon the fire
For male, White and straight – he holds the keys.

And now, his Silver Medal. Right on cue.
To honor his divisive broadcast deeds
Just what this opiated buffoon needs
Be proud. I heard Bill Cosby got one too.

His hateful brand of humor’s not the answer.
But hey, I wish him luck with all that cancer.


With the White House’s East Room outfitted,
He bragged about being acquitted.
He went on quite a while,
And elsewhere, meanwhile,
The Statue of Liberty vomited.


With Donald absolved of his sins
Those who crossed him get kicked in the shins.
Testify against Trump?
Yer out on yer rump.
Guess the real witch hunt now begins.


Biden wants you to think he’s a player.
A “No Malarkey” Trump slayer.
A dynamic go-getter.
But he’s got to do better
Against a young, gay, small-town Mayor.


One thing that we all learned last night –
The Oscars ™ have gotten it right:
In art and in life,
Truth cuts like a knife.
The winner? Of course. Parasite.


This budget is tragic hilarity
He calls “dominance and prosperity”.
That 4.8 Trill
Is quite a bit, still,
Too many are in need of charity.


If e’er it was before, it’s not a joke.
For now emboldened by exoneration,
Pursuance of vindictive vindication
Could cause an elsewise moral man to choke.

His party now is no impediment.
They fawn upon his non-existent clothes,
And each who longs to keep his favor knows
That dear man Roger Stone is innocent.

We wonder now how justice is defined.
Is it to service only those in power,
While those who seek a greater good must cower.
Thanks for your service. Entry is declined.

A darker pattern dares now to emerge
His allies binge whilst rivals get the purge.


With the sentence that Barr recommended,
Some suggest that his tenure be ended.
Upset lawyers resigned.
But others don’t mind.
He’s just helping a guy Donald friended.


If you know the melody, please sing along…

Better than Trump in the White House
Better than building a wall
Better than members of Congress
Acting petty and small
Better than Right Wing militias
Better than Lindsay and Mitch
Better than children in cages
Or tax breaks for the rich
Better than midnight tweeted lies
Or Giuliani’s buggy eyes
Better than anything except
Being in love.

Better than Red States and Blue States
Jumping down each other’s throats,
Better than flooded coast cities
Being maneuvered by boats.
Better than Nazis on 4-chan
Plotting the Free World’s demise,
Better than Don Junior’s rifle
Or Melania’s thighs.
Better than wondering how and why
As you shake your head and cry
Better than anything except
Being in love.

Better than glaciers a-melting
Better than fire and flood
Better than climate change weather
Bringing on slides made of mud
Better than Black folk not voting
Or dissenters in jail
Better than having a road map to avoid The Big Fail.
Better than knowing how you’ll feel
When those prophesies get real.
Better than anything except
Being in Love.

Better than casting a ballot
Better than working for change
Better than Barr and Pompeo
Getting afflicted with mange
Better than sound bites and shouting
Being disguised as debate
Or elected officials
Spewing lies, fear and hate
Better than letting out a cheer
When Election Day is here
Better than anything except
Being in love.


Among all the campaigning prattle
More and more there’s a disturbing rattle.
Seeing Mike Bloomberg’s face
Suggesting this race
Be of two billionaires doing battle.


Those Sins Trump committed quite readily,
Without pause for contrition, and steadily.
He’s indulged in all Seven.
Will he get into Heaven?
We’ll find out. Now, if only they’re Deadly.


Rob Manfred, he gets no relief
For giving the ‘Stros little grief
For World Series cheating.
No one gets a beating
In these days of our Cheater in Chief.


This four-day work week has begun.
I hope yesterday you had fun.
Kicking back, or at play,
On Presidents’ Day,
Celebrating them all. Except one.


Oh Blago, congrats on your pardon.
On your way out, say “bye” to the Warden.
Like Kerik & Milken
Absolved for their bilkin’.
All of this just to give Trump a hard-on.


Six candidates standing apart.
Their arguing fell short of art.
Klobuchar got it right
With one phrase tonight:
“Our president, he has no heart”


A sideways Babel tower of six voices
Accuse, assure, explain, define and quip
As vulture pundits stay tuned for a slip
And thirsty eyes and ears observe their choices:

An angry guy who holds blame to the rich.
A ship that’s sailed. A Shiny Object face.
A racist billionaire who bought his place.
A snippy school ma’rm and some pushy witch.

With finger-pointing grasps at popularity
These former, future allies duke it out
In sowing less of confidence than doubt.
This stage affords no time nor place for charity.

Do any standing here bring greater fears
Than brightly burning thoughts of four more years.


Trump’s new overseer of spies
Comes off as more loyal than wise.
An intelligence loss,
But he sure loves his boss.
You’ve been warned now, so watch your backs, guys.


Tho he says he supports those who work,
He just gutted their rights with a smirk.
Defense employees
Get a bargaining freeze
And this keeps us secure? What a jerk!


So Trump is in India now.
A big-time PR pow-wow
With his buddy Modi.
No shakti, no bodhi,
Just an orange & un-sacred cow.


The branches of government be
Designed to work separately
And with their own talents,
Provide checks and balance.
But Trump wants control of all three.


With the president doing so fine
He can tweet anything & still shine.
Our Orange Pinocchio
Has such braggadocio
That he might even pardon Weinstein.


Our President’s sorry you’re ill.
That Corona Virus can kill.
He’s sent Pence to help
Who’s feeling is, welp,
If ya got it, it’s prob’ly God’s will.


With the world getting hotter each year,
And the Corona Virus draws near,
We’re drowning in plastic,
The stock market’s spastic
And America’s greater in fear.


A creeping scourge, or Democratic hoax.
A major threat, or just the latest scare.
To comfort us, the Internet is there
Abounding with conspiracies and jokes.

Mulvaney says that we can handle this
A this that daily seems to be expanding,
Defying anti-science understanding.
The cost of cure – the next Big Pharma bliss.

Our next step seems to be travel restriction
And on its face, a logical position.
But what about community transmission
Already bringing daily new affliction.

How blessed to have the faith of VP Pence
To pray away disease and pestilence.

January, 2020


May your dreams make it over the hump,
And your path be without halt or bump.
May joy be instilled,
And your year be filled
With things that do not rhyme with “rump”.


Even tho on the job they were pleasin’
Trump’s workers got canned for a reason.
Tho’ undocumented,
The Donald relented
‘Til after the harvesting season.


This drone attack – a tactic, or a whim
Deserved response or mindless escalation
And in what form will come retaliation
Upon the heads of those who martyred him.

Trump’s words were few, a playground bully’s taunt,
As clear as an articulate explosion.
His switches thrown to further the erosion
To end or start – what does our leader want.

Two presidents before him chose to pause.
They didn’t call for an official hit.
But Suleimani didn’t shy from it
His resume provided ample cause.

So much for New Year peace and mending fences.
Now comes the calendar of consequences.


The fires we’ve seen
The fires still yet to come
The fires right now


Iranian tempers on boil
Troops flying to Middle East soil
Brings retaliation
Someone tell me this ain’t about oil.


And after Trump’s Baghdad attack,
More threats to Iran and Iraq.
His petulant rage
On the global stage
Is daring them both to push back.


For revenge some Iranians thirst,
With Americans fearing the worst.
Tho folks may admit
Of the targets to hit,
Perhaps Mar a Lago comes first.


Intelligence, we’re told, sketchy at best
Perhaps there was no imminent attack
But now we see Iran is striking back
And foreign policy by Trump is put to test.

Retaliation talk was met by threat
To target life and culture as they knew it
And could he be just nuts enough to do it.
Iran displays the guts to take the bet.

Oil. Greed. Abuse of power. Rage.
The politics of threat. The thrill to war.
Reveal the splintered rotting at the core
Of where we stand upon the global stage.

And still all those equipped to make it stop
Enabling the madman at the top.


A president who we all know
Made our lives a Reality Show
Each day a new crisis
Climate, trade wars (stacking the courts, putting children in cages, obstructing of justice, spreading lies, polarizing the citizenry, attacking the media, promoting his own interests, pedaling influence, cozying up to dictators, selling off our natural resources, trashing the EPA, alienating our allies, sending dog whistle cues to the radical right, pandering to evangelicals who are convinced that he’ll bring about the second coming) and ISIS…
Oh Christ, how I wish he’d just go.


From Iran, a few missiles were sent.
A plane is down “by accident”
Some folks have the notion
This was set in motion
By the actions of our president.


Each death a ripple matrix of a loss
Each hole at depth beyond our understanding
So little time to fight to remain standing
When it’s your turn to give the dice a toss

Presented as a number or statistic
A singular and abstract distillation
Whitewashing every heart’s own devastation
Emotion unexpressed in things linguistic

So vital, then so suddenly departed
With those remaining left to contemplate
The nexus of a single tragic fate
But wait – t’was only yesterday we started.

Daughter, sister, partner, lover, friend
In absence still, these roles, they shall not end.


At an Ohio rally, this time
Trump said Dems just want chaos and crime –
They’re “vicious and horrible”.
This man is incorrigible!
His lies leave a trail of slime.


Our politics are a fat mess
Each who serves has a thing to confess.
We’ve soaked in regressive.
What’s wrong with “progressive”?
In the word itself you find PROGRESS.


Journalism’s a challenging chore
So many newspapers cry poor
But I’d rather have read
About what’s done or said
Than the gossip about what was wore.


The Bernie and Liz rift begins.
The Corporate Dem camp just grins.
Spreading lies, sowing doubt,
Let the Left duke it out
While Donnie, without effort, wins.


Yes, Virginia,

What a day.

You’ve ratified

The E.R.A.


With Dershowitz now on the case
Trump’s Dreamteam Defense is in place!
He helped OJ skate!
Thought Epstein was great!
For defending the guilty, he’s ace!


Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama
From Donald, in her honor, a surprise!
A banquet full of pizza, burgers, fries
A little taste of schoolyard luncheon drama.

We’ll fill those kids with sugar, starch and grease.
Good health is such a Socialistic plot.
Fresh fruits and veggies just sit there and rot.
Let grades go down and average weight increase.

Roll back that woman’s call for healthy meals,
Walk back from dated concepts like nutrition
Poor kids, again, assuming the position
To pave the way for fast food outlet deals.

Such tasty food Sir. May I have more please?
More diabetes and more heart disease.


Our economy’s one to adore,
Cancer deaths down, and Blacks earning more.
Our trade balance sings.
How many more things
Does Donald Trump take credit for.


His message fell deaf upon fools
He was slain by establishment tools
Celebrate on this day
As his dream fades away
While his name still adorns streets and schools.

Impeachment? Who’s in – Yes or No.
Most have had quite enough of this show.
It smells like manure
But one thing’s for sure –
There’s 3 – 6 – 5 days left to go!


So many words we find to rhyme with Mitch,
Sometimes we get distracted by the game
Of making clever put-downs with his name.
But focus on the goal – to make the switch

And toss him on his ass come voting day.
To suit his party’s goals he twists the rules
Then gleeful, plays the Democrats for fools
Enough of this. Let’s send him on his way.

His loyalty is only to the wealthy
While stacking courts with dim, regressive judges.
And in his Holy Quest, he never budges
To keep Kentucky dumb, poor and unhealthy.

It’s time to dump this chicken-necked disaster,
And un-employ the Senate’s sham ringmaster.


The Dems offer up each demand.
Witnesses they’d call to the stand,
Documents by the ream
Of Trump’s corrupt scheme,
All they get tho, is “talk to the hand”.

Is there really any doubt about the facts.
Could one say true he’d not do such a thing.
Does it not count, this evidence we bring.
He lies, then moves to cover up his tracks.

Coercion, pow’r abuses and obstruction
But “in his mind, the man did nothing wrong”,
Sings Lindsay Graham in a fawning song
Preparing for his Hall of Shame induction.

Republicans say they’ve heard nothing new
But if it’s new, they’ve turned a deafened ear
New evidence, says Mitch, ain’t welcome here.
What is our sad Democracy to do.

We see beneath this partisan hysteria –
Trump only loves the ME that’s in aMErica.


Someone at the meeting was wired
When Trump made clear what he desired.
He was heard without doubt
Saying just, “take her out”.
Some believe that he only meant “fired”.


Impropriety? There was no appearance.
Trump followed strict ethics adherence.
No hold-back of aid,
No quid pro quo trade,
Just Dems’ election interference.

precious bird in flight
shrouded in great grey danger
heartbreak so quickly


This life of ours, more fragile than papyrus,
Too late when seen how fiercely took for granted,
With such concern for where and how we’re slanted,
Does not concern Wuhan Corona Virus.

Would aliens upon our world admire us
Or aim to move us past our barbarism
Would we slay them before we’d heal our schism
And what about Wuhan Corona Virus.

Infectious as a song by Miley Cyrus
A cobra-centered matrix flying wide
And why are Donald’s tariffs not applied
To cash in on Wuhan Corona Virus

No game. No PacMan, Donkey Kong, or Gyruss.
No vaccine for Wuhan Corona Virus.


Oh Mitch, I’m so sad. What a shock
That you may lack enough votes to block
Bolton testimony
Which may have a key.
We don’t like him, but let the man talk.


The will of the people be damned
Who cares if they’re all getting scammed.
The defense can rest
For I know what’s best.
Four more years down your throat I get jammed.


Liz Warren showed some guts to ask
When she took Justice Roberts to task –
Does a witness-less trial
Make our system look vile?
What feelings did his grimace mask.

December, 2019


The trillions we’ve poured into war
Could have paid for our health care and more
Fully fund education,
Feed and shelter the nation.
The machine is corrupt at its core.


A climate summit starts now in Madrid
May it undo the damage that we did
Before a woeful global lack of will
Results in massive planetary kill.

Impeachment hearings carry on. That’s great
But Donald says he won’t participate
He’d rather spend time preaching to his minions
And from the sideline, tweet out his opinions.

Then, Lisa Page’s talking points anew –
What she and Strzok did and did not do,
And Trump’s relentless mocking of the two,
Including their orgasmic noises. Ewww.

So many topics but so little time
To sit here and create my daily rhyme.


Trump’s new tariffs are drawing the flies.
They’re just shafting our long-time allies.
His odd strategy
Spells trade tragedy,
Turning once good-buys into goodbyes.


The definition of impeachable
A clear delineation of offenses
A leadership that’s baldly lost its senses
And Trump declares himself unreachable.

This is our now, as audience and actors,
With scripts of lies and spin across a spectrum
A close-up shot of Democracy’s rectum
The loss of decency no longer factors.

What we see here is not all that there is.
This tightly scripted staged reality.
The numbness of lurid banality.
Don’t underestimate the business of the biz.

Beyond this tragic sideshow one thing’s certain –
There’s more that’s going on behind the curtain.


Yesterday, ranking Rep. Collins said
These are Democrat lies we’ve been fed.
Lawyer Karlan objected –
No vendetta detected,
But based on the facts that she read.


With the squabbling between each faction
No Democrat seems to have traction.
You’d think that the fears
Of four sucky more years
Would inspire some positive action.


More than 500 Law Profs agree
Donald Trump behaved impeachably.
But each one’s just a tool
From some liberal school.
Their bias is quite clear to me.


Joe Biden says it’s plain to see
Where he stands environmentally.
If you want to ban fracking
And send lobbyists packing
Then vote for one other than he.


The latest Trump outburst of note?
His wooing the “Killer Jew” vote.
“You may not like me,
And it’s mutual, see?
But I’m the Democrat tax antidote”.


Some Republicans are so obtuse.
For their tantrums there is no excuse.
All the pointing at Biden
And witnesses hidin’
Will not cover up Trump’s abuse.


Through 18 years and three administrations
The Afghan War Machine rolled right along
While each report revealed nothing wrong
Through countless and destructive conflagrations.

Conflicting strategies, unclear objectives
Corruption masked by data points distorted
The harder facts that never got reported
On countless and unwinnable directives.

No intel here for telling friend from foe
No real metrics found for keeping score
No sense of what we’re really fighting for
No end in sight for paying for this show.

The space between the truth and what we’re told
Makes wonder of what other lies we’re sold.


Trump Junior went hunting big game.
An endangered Argali, its name. A permit he lacked.
Got it after the fact.
A trophy kill. Totally lame.


For Obama, the man never budges.
He just stalled with obstruction and fudges.
For Trump, Mitch got moving,
The senate approving
A quarter of all active judges.


The outgoing Gov of Kentucky
Helped some 400 felons get lucky.
Some rapists and killers –
Community pillars
Whose donations to him were just ducky!


Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham,
In the Senate will choose to O.K. him.
They’ve said the will play it
As Trump’s lawyers say it
And they both lack the guts to betray him.


The impeachment soap opera continues.
To the Senate, we’ll see change in venues.
May Mulvaney, his crew,
And John Bolton too
Have their testimony on the menus.


A New Jersey Dem named VanDrew
Thinks impeach is the wrong thing to do.
To save his own ass
He’ll give Trump a pass,
And become a Republican too…

(So six staffers told him “Go screw!”)


The Countdown dwindles to four-hundred days
Until we see the next inauguration,
But still there is this nauseous sensation –
What if he’s re-elected and he stays.

Impeach him now. Democracy can’t wait.
While slowly die the things that really matter,
The rich get richer and fat cats get fatter.
Don’t just drain swamps. It’s time to clean the slate.

This Trump’s a symptom of a larger ill,
All those who profit from our house divided
Then buy the outcome already decided
And plot to bend the masses to their will.

Our public servants pledge, then fail the tests.
And still we vote against our own best interests.


The lines were drawn
The vote was reached.
The president
Has been impeached.



“Remember who you are and whom you serve”.
The words of Christianity Today.
Jim Bakker tho, has other things to say.
Those anti-Trump believers have their nerve.

How dare to lecture on morality.
How dare to buck the faith so now in fashion,
To contemplate the depths of Christ’s compassion,
And question our anointed one’s legality.

Such passion Trump’s dominion arouses
With thoughts and actions for which none atones
For some are just so busy throwing stones
They can’t see their reflections in glass houses.

It’s said to be not of the world, but in it.
And could it be your soul to lose to win it.


A Republican staffer is gloating
Suppressing the rolls of those voting
Is a great secret mission
To scare opposition
And win the election. Worth noting.


This country’s a hard thing to run.
All work and no play is no fun.
In Trump’s tenure here,
One statistic is clear:
In golfing dates, he’s Number One!


In the White House there’s folks acting snotty.
In the House and the Senate? Too haughty.
Is that Santa we see
Flying over DC
Because everyone there is too naughty.


That Iowa woman’s not nice.
Assault with a vehicle – twice!
She should be behind bars,
Hitting brown kids with cars,
But she’ll prob’ly get hired by ICE.


This Christmas Day, some pointers from the right
To win debates that crop up at the table.
Some talking points, assuming you’re not able
Alone to wreck your loved ones’ appetite.

No quid pro quo, but “yes” to Russian hoax.
Add salt and raise the flame to fan the schism
By dissing Democrats and Socialism.
Call out the human scum amongst your folks.

Don’t fret about this conversation’s fitness.
This holiday it’s all about the winning
And keeping Orange Mussolini grinning
By escalating Donald’s war on Christmas.

The Prince Of Peace’s birth? No time for that.
Here’s Jesus sporting his red MAGA hat.



And so for once the news reports can wait.
To set aside the scrolling, scrolling madness,
The never ending feed of doubt and sadness
A break from contemplating global fate.

Today, no president is needed here
Collapsed amidst the food and gift debris
No words of politics with family
To truly hold the things that we hold dear.

McConnell and his senate are on hold.
The congress spat resumes another day
For now, a time for sloth and gentle play
Some coffee then a stroll out in the cold.

The dramas of our world will all continue.
This rhyme’s to celebrate the peace within you.


Not much from the Trump camp we hear.
But the image I have conjures fear:
On the White House john lid,
Spewing tweets from his id,
Gearing up for the battles next year.


In the late waning days of December,
As the year flickers down to an ember,
Our Trump’s in Palm Beach,
Sitting just out of reach,
At a club where he’s the only member.


For a long time, his name was in doubt.
A secret that one should not flout.
It’s not about knowin’
Who was whistle-blowin’,
But what he was blowin’ about.


Through a callous and wide-ranging stunt-y,
We’re now seeing purges aplenty.
It’s not about polls –
It’s about voter rolls,
And who can vote in 2020.


Together we have seen and been through plenty
A decade that began with hope and change
And then would slow and sadly turn to strange
Ten years that feel as if they’ve aged us twenty.

You’ve seen it all. No need here to remind.
The sad events, the scared and grieving faces,
The lives disrupted by relentless races
Of progress that may leave us all behind.

And yet within, perhaps the will to start
Afresh and listen to those inner voices
That softly whisper to us kinder choices,
For know that with each asshole beats a heart.

Another day brings forth another chance
I hope your year will give you cause to dance.