Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


If you know the melody, please sing along…

Better than Trump in the White House
Better than building a wall
Better than members of Congress
Being petty and small
Better than Right Wing militias
Better than Lindsay and Mitch
Better than children in cages
Or tax breaks for the rich
Better than midnight tweeted lies
Or Giuliani’s buggy eyes
Better than anything except
Being in love.

Better than Red States and Blue States
Jumping down each other’s throats,
Better than flooded coast cities
Being maneuvered by boats.
Better than Nazis on 4-chan
Plotting the Free World’s demise,
Better than Don Junior’s rifle
Or Melania’s thighs.
Better than wondering how and why
As you shake your head and cry
Better than anything except
Being in love.

Better than glaciers a-melting
Better than fire and flood
Better than climate change weather
Bringing on slides made of mud
Better than Black folk not voting
Or dissenters in jail
Better than having a road map to avoid The Big Fail.
Better than knowing how you’ll feel
When those prophesies get real.
Better than anything except
Being in Love.

Better than casting a ballot
Better than working for change
Better than Barr and Pompeo
Getting afflicted with mange
Better than sound bites and shouting
Being disguised as debate
Or elected officials
Spewing lies, fear and hate
Better than letting out a cheer
When Election Day is here
Better than anything except
Being in love.

2 thoughts on “Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

  1. I used to SING THIS SONG!!!!!! I’ll have to send u a recording of a live performance. One of my favorites ever (I miss Al Jarreau). He did an arrangement of it with “I’m all Smiles” that I got from his guitarist/accompanist, Julio Martinez that Al used to perform when he was in Marin! 😜



    1. I thought that this song might have been in your repertoire because it really does take some acting to make it work. Jarreau’s version is incredibly playful and joyous. I do love it. But my sentimental favorite is Lena Horne’s version because around 1979, I made a recording of her performing it live at The Venetian Room before she went off to create The Lady & Her Music.


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